6 Quality Skills Every Auto Repair expert at Abu Dhabi Possess

How many of you know what to look at when you open the hood of your vehicle? To most of you it’s just a mass of wires, belts and few parts of your car. But for an expert auto technician it’s something very different. To him it’s a puzzle of pieces that seem to be fitted together just as they should be. The job of an expert is to understand a puzzle, narrow down options, diagnose problems and get a permanent fix to it as soon as possible.  

But figuring out what is going on under the hood doesn’t come naturally. One must learn the techniques and skills and get trained to become an expert. While just a high school diploma is the only requirement for a mechanic, many employers in Auto Repair shops in Abu Dhabi and in the UAE nowadays prefer hiring those who have completed associate’s programs in automotive technology or related fields. This is where mechanic schools play a major role in building up your career. Talent, hard work, and proper guidance are 3 must-haves for every mechanic. Those who are serious about having a great career in this field must undergo in-depth training and get proper education.  

 Below are few steps mentioned to provide you an overview of what it takes to be an expert auto repair technician. Have a look! 
1. You need to complete a certification or vocational program! 
In order to set yourself up for success, the very first thing you should do is complete your post-secondary education, by pursuing vocational or certification program. Now many of you might not take this vocational training seriously, thinking it to be an unnecessary one. But the fact is that only a vocational program that includes both theoretical as well as hands-on learning, will teach you all basic functioning and maintenance of vehicles, and their systems. It will also cover information about engines, suspensions, transmissions, brakes, air conditioning and heating. And after successful completion of the training program you will be provided with a valuable certificate that will add up an extra value to your resume. 
2. Gain experience and skills by working at some auto repair shops! 
As soon as you complete your vocational training; you need to start off at an entry level position at any auto repair shops or dealerships in Abu Dhabi and work as an assistant, helper or trainee in order to develop some mandatory skills sets and become experienced which later, will help you to qualify for better positions. 
3. Being an expert is all about knowing how to troubleshoot! 
The proverb that says, “things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance” often proves to be true. From parts arriving late, and repairs running behind schedule, to customers changing their mind about a service request, an expert techniciamust go through it all. Troubleshooting is a huge role, and you need to be ready with a quick fix to all problems. You need to pay attention to each case and try to guess what could have gone wrong. This will help you to be more comfortable and confident while diagnosing issues. In spare time, take a see through to different tutorials, or instructional videos on YouTube and learn how to do repair in different types of vehicles to widen your knowledge base. 
4. Weak in writing and math skills? Time to rub-up! 
A technician can never be an expert without a proper skill in math’s and writing. An expert’s job is to calculate and prepare estimates, order parts, take inventory, and send out invoices. However, having good literacy and numeracy skills is basic requirement of the job. Being good with numbers and writing will take you a long way. 
5. Get Certified through the renowned Institute for becoming an expert! 
Certification through the renowned Institute for Automotive Excellence will help you take your resume at peak. It is usually available in nine, different categories, including brakes, engine repair, manual drive train and axles, suspension, steering, electrical systems, engine performance, light vehicle diesel engines and automatic transmission. But to work on vehicles made by a specific manufacturer, you need to increase your value by getting manufacturer-specific certification. This will increase your opportunity of getting hired by a specific-branded manufacturer that does auto repair services in Abu Dhabi. 
6. Practice earning customer’s trust by offering good customer service! 
To be an expert auto mechanic, you also need to practice soft skills like how to be a patient listener, how to communicate politely so that you get the knack for dealing with both happy and unhappy customers. As an expert technician you will have to learn to take care of customer bookings, provide estimates, and deal with supplies. Being friendly and courteous with customers will always win their heart and they will come back to you. 
Be it Toyota or SUV, all the auto repair shops in Dubai keep themselves upgraded with the latest changes in technology. Getting a car mechanic job in Dubai is not as difficult as becoming an expert technician. You can be an expert only if you have hands-on-experience in troubleshooting different vehicles.  

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