6 Qualities to Look for in a Premier Goldendoodle Breeder

A premier Goldendoodle breeder is a breeder that takes great care in producing and raising healthy, happy puppies. This dog is ideal for any family because it loves children, doesn’t shed a lot, and has a calm temperament. When it comes to finding a premier Goldendoodle breeder, many people do not know what to look for, primarily when they have never owned a dog before or are looking for their first furry friend. Today we’re going over some qualities that you should look for in every Goldendoodle breeder and what will make the perfect candidate.

1. Caring, Compassionate

A premier Goldendoodle breeder is, first and foremost, compassionate. They care deeply about all animals and will never put a puppy in a bad situation. They don’t sell to any pet store or puppy mill, and they love each dog as if it were their own. They want the best for every dog they work with, no matter what it takes. They are concerned with the health of the dogs they produce and make sure there are no genetic problems before breeding them together.

2. Acclaimed

Another quality of a premier Goldendoodle breeder is that they have been acclaimed. This means that people have used their services and were happy with their Goldendoodles. They will have reviews or testimonials to show you the dogs they’ve produced. They’ll also put their Goldendoodles through stringent testing to make sure they are up to par with the health standards of the American Goldendoodle Association.

3. Experience

A premier Goldendoodle breeder will have lots of experience raising and breeding Goldendoodles. They know what to look for when genetic health problems or other medical problems. They’ll also tell you what kind of food they feed their dogs, how they socialize them, and how they play with them as puppies to ensure that you’re getting the best dog possible.

4. Dedicated

A premier Goldendoodle breeder is dedicated to the health and happiness of the dogs they produce. They’ll go above and beyond to ensure that every dog is where it should be in its life; they won’t let some dogs live outside without socialization or love. They also make sure that their buyers get all the information they need on how to take care of their new dog, from food recommendations to what games are suitable for a Goldendoodle to play.

5. Honest

A premier Goldendoodle breeder will be honest with the information they give you. They won’t try to talk you into buying a dog from them, no matter how cute it is. They’ll tell you everything about your future Goldendoodle’s personality and what kind of energy it has as a puppy, then compare that to the energy level of every other dog that they’ve worked with. They’ll also be completely honest about all testing done on the dog and tell you if it has any health issues or behavioral problems.

6. Willing

A premier Goldendoodle breeder is willing to help you with anything you need. They will answer your questions no matter what they are and give you advice on how to raise a dog, even after you’ve bought one from them. They’ll also answer your questions about their Goldendoodles that are already grown and help you with any problems you have with your dog.

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