6 Products That You Wouldn’t Know Are Not Vegan

The vegan revolution has taken the world by storm. Vegan celebrities are making the most of their influence to spread more awareness by using, endorsing and investing in plant-based products. This has led to several interesting products like vegan meats and vegan protein powder that are 100% free from any animal-based ingredients.

Here is a list of 6 such products that you would have heard of only if you were vegan or closely following vegan actors:

1. Vegan Meat

It is not just vegan protein powder that can give you a great protein source if you follow this healthy diet plan. Imagine Meats, uses plant-based meat Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza promote actively. They have even invested in the brand like other vegan celebs who endorse the lifestyle. The Leonardo Dicaprio vegan meat alternative brand, Beyond Meat, is another fine example of this.

Vegetarian actors and singers like Drake, Beyonce and JayZ have also invested in vegan substitutes for popular food items like chicken nuggets.

2. Vegan Wool

Joaquin Phoenix vegan wool suits by Brave GentleMan were made from an alternative called future wool that is promoted as cruelty-free fabric. The message about the cruelty faced by sheep that were primarily raised for wool became loud and clear with advertisements featuring Joaquin Phoenix in these outfits.

Vegan wool is commonly made from desert plants which also require very little water. While promoting fashion and cruelty-free fabric, these vegan celebrities also send out messages of sustainable solutions for garment manufacturing.

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3. Non Dairy Beverages

In addition to Riteish Deshmukh vegan brand,  several other food products have become very popular over the years. This includes refreshing non-dairy beverages. A popular brand is Lenardo Dicaprio vegan non-dairy brand, Califia Farms. These beverages use plant-based sources to prepare delicious drinks that you can simply purchase in retail outlets and enjoy.

Non-dairy beverages were among the first products to make waves in the market. They are commonly used by vegan celebs. The added advantage to these products is that they allow those who want to make the switch to do so in small increments.

4. Vegan Leather

Joaquin phoenix vegan leather outfit in his famous film, Johnny Cash reinforced the actor’s famous Oscar speech supporting this movement. Since then, several famous vegan people have begun to use vegan leather and have invested in these products as well. In India, Alia Bhatt invested in a vegan leather brand called ‘Fleather’ which was the initiative of a wellness-based start-up backed by IIT Kanpur. This product is made from recycled flowers to create a product similar to leather. For these investments and for switching to a vegan diet, she was also named ‘Person of the Year’ by PETA in 2021.

Miley Cyrus also sported vegan leather boots and a skirt in a popular picture taken by the paparazzi. Popular sportswear brand, Adidas also launched a vegan leather sneaker in partnership with Stella McCartney. It was famously worn by the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

5. Vegan Make-Up Products

Vegan celebrities have been endorsing cruelty-free beauty products for several years now. Celebrities like Rihanna have even started their own line of vegan makeup products like Fendi. These products are made entirely from plant-based ingredients and are not tested on animals. In India, Disguise cosmetics was one of the first brands to introduce a 100% vegan and cruelty-free makeup line. 

6. Vegan Bacon

Studies have shown that one of the most difficult food items for non-vegetarians to give up is bacon. This often prevents them from embracing a vegan lifestyle. Vegan celebrities like Alan Cunning, Emily Deschanel, Caser Milan, and Snoop Dogg have invested in a plant-based alternative to this product called Pig Out. The brand promises a healthier alternative that is made from sunflower seeds, mushrooms, and sea salt among several other vegan ingredients. Rapper Snoop Dogs, a plant-based food company, Outstanding Foods, has even partnered with this brand to create an interesting and tasty line of vegan snacks that will be sold online completely.


When Bradd Pitt supported an all-vegan menu at the Golden Globes, it was quite a moment. It showed the significant advancement that this movement has made over the years. After the attention-grabbing Brad Pitt Vegan switch to several other vegan celebrities supporting the movement, the market is now poised for a flood of some interesting vegan products and brands like bGREEN that take the cause forward.

So, whether it is Ariana Grande vegan food videos or famous speeches made by vegan celebs at various events, this movement is only gathering more momentum. It is also the healthier choice to enjoy. Do you think you would choose any of the products mentioned above to start your own vegan lifestyle?


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