6 Plumbing Repairs You Should Call a Plumber For

Nothing proved as important as having fresh and sanitary water at your disposal in the previous year. Washing hands multiple times per day was one of the ways to battle the Covid-19 and in some way slow down the spread and the consequences of what proved to be a deadly virus.

While some minor repairs can be DIY projects, more complex issues definitely warrant professional help. If you’re unsure when to call in the experts, why not find out more about when and why to seek professional plumbing services.

So it was good having running water and a plumbing system that works, right? And can you imagine how much harder everything would be if there is no indoor and residential plumbing?

Luckily, today almost everyone has access to plumbing, unlike our ancestors. Having clean water prolonged the lifespan of the human race because with better hygiene diseases like the plague were less common. It is a luxury, however, that is often not appreciated enough, and when a plumbing disaster happens everyone is grabbing their phones to call for a professional plumber, the only person who knows how to get your plumbing system back in order.

But not everyone is reaching out to a professional plumber right away. Those who are handy and enjoy working the wrench will dare to try and fix almost any plumbing problem.

However, there are some plumbing situations where DIY projects are simply not recommendable, and the best thing would be to contact a plumber in your area as soon as possible.

Let’s take a look at the plumbing issues in need of a plumber’s attention.

1. No Water Coming Out of Your Faucets

When faced with this kind of problem, most people tend to get frustrated or annoyed. But more than causing an inconvenience, this plumbing situation may be much more serious than you think.

The reason why you shouldn’t tamper with your plumbing if you get this problem is that you’ll have a hard time diagnosing what exactly caused the problem.

When this happens to you, the cause can be literally anything, like:

-there is an issue with the main pipe

-there are leaks in the system

-the pipes are broken

-the pipes are frozen

-the pipes are clogged

There is something you can do, though.

Call your neighbors and ask if they have a similar problem. If they do, the city must be doing some repairs on the city’s main water line and the water will return in a couple of hours.

But if you are the only one experiencing this problem, you should pick up the phone and call a plumbing service provider in your area right away and they’ll help to restore the water flow in no time.

2. Your Faucet Is Leaking and Dripping

To those with nerves of steel, a dripping faucet presents no problem to sleep at night. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have a serious plumbing problem.

While dripping and leaking faucet sounds like a minor repair job, if left unattended for too long, it can increase your water bill by several hundreds of dollars.

No matter if it’s just a wrong installation job that is causing this, or something else, a plumber is the best person to take a look at the faucet and, if needed, repair any components that are damaged.

3. You Have No Hot Water

Hot water is just as important as cold water to both you and your home. And when it’s gone, there will be no warm baths and clean dishes. If your home lacks warm water, your water heater may be causing this.

The problem with water heaters is that there are so many types of different water heaters, both tank and tankless, running on so many different types of fuels.

The piping system going to and from your water heater is also important, making this repair better left to the professionals. They will inspect all the components of the water heater and advise you on the best and cost-efficient way to repair it.

4. The Water Is Not Draining Properly

When you notice the water not draining quickly enough or at all, it means that the pipe is clogged somewhere down the line. The ”down the line” is what should make you call a trusted plumber right away.

While there are some clogs that you can fix on your own, you may end up struggling for hours, trying out all solutions before you realize that the clog is just too deep in the pipe for you to reach it.

Plumbers have professional tools to inspect the pipe with the camera and learn of the exact location of the clog. Not only that, they can see the clog itself which in turn helps them determent what is the best way to dispose of it. Sometimes they might even recommend hydro jetting which is a great way to get rid of clogs.

5. Burst Pipe is Flooding Your Home

When you find yourselves ankles-deep in the water you will surely realize this is the kind of plumbing problem you are not armed for. As soon as you notice the water flowing uncontrollably, call a professional plumber.

They will probably tell you to shut the main valve off or guide you to it if you don’t know where it is. After that, they will come to inspect your plumbing and fix the pipes that caused the flood.

6. Remodeling Projects

If you are looking to change even just one fixture or appliance in your kitchen or bathroom, give a call to your professional plumber and save yourselves from reading those long and confusing instruction booklets.

There is no guarantee that you’ll be able to install that new sensory faucet you fell in love with properly and you may end up damaging some of the components.

Likewise, if you are completely changing your bathroom design, moving the shower to the other side, and toilet to a completely opposite end of the room, the plumbing system will have to follow and you’ll need someone skilled to do it properly, like a trusted plumber technician.