6 Onboarding Gifts for Your New Employees

Onboarding gifts are a vital way to connect with new employees, welcome them to the organization and give them a little something to show them how valued they are. It can even motivate and encourage new hires. It is a gesture that reinforces your investment in your employees and inspires them to contribute to organizational success.

A thoughtful onboarding gift will make new employees feel special and give them something to treasure for years to come. Gifts are often linked to the job or organization being joined, so they must be chosen carefully and with consideration. Depending on the job and company, a range of gifts can be considered, from simple gifts of appreciation to a selection of more expensive options. This article looks at some great ideas for onboarding gifts for new employees.

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1. Welcome Pack

A welcome pack is an excellent onboarding gift. It excites your new employees about their job, gives them an overview of the company and its purpose, and makes onboarding easier. The pack should include useful items, such as an employee badge or name tag, a welcome note from the CEO, a personalized laptop bag and a collection of branded t-shirts from bulk t-shirt brands. A welcome pack could include stationery, notepads and pens. You can also consider giving office-related gifts, such as a desk plant, a mouse pad or a mug with the company logo.

2. Technology

Technology gifts give employees a sense of belonging and make them more productive. They will have the right tools and equipment to do their job. Some tech gifts include laptops, smartphones, tablets, virtual reality headsets and smartwatches.

Tech gifts should be carefully chosen to match the employee’s job. For example, a laptop and software could be given to an employee who needs them to do their job, but a smartwatch could be given to physically active employees who might want to track their daily activity. Gifts like these will surely be appreciated, and technology helps make work more efficient and enjoyable.

3. Swag

Swag is another fantastic option to give new employees. Swag items, such as travel mugs, tumblers, umbrellas, lanyards and keychains, can all be custom branded with your company logo to help employees show their pride in the company. Swag items come in various colors and styles, so you can find something that suits every employee.

These pieces work as a reminder of the organization and its values, and the cost is relatively low. They make a lasting impression on new employees and can serve to recognize existing employees and help them to feel appreciated, too.

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4. Gift Cards

Gift cards are another excellent choice for onboarding gifts. Gift cards can be tailored to the employee’s interests and allow them to experience something special. It could be something small like a hotel stay, a spa day, a restaurant meal or something larger like booking a dream holiday or buying furniture. It’s a great way to show appreciation to new hires and give them something to look forward to.

Gift cards can be sent via email or given to the employee as a physical card. It is crucial to make sure the gift card has no cost to the employee. Gift cards can also be sent as a surprise for an employee’s birthday or another special occasion. This is a small way to show employees that you appreciate and value them.

5. Subscription Box

Subscription boxes introduce employees to the company culture and give them something unique to look forward to each month. Subscription boxes may include monthly food items, beauty products, snacks, books, informative magazines or valuable office supplies.

These boxes can be tailored to fit employees’ interests and preferences, making them perfect as an onboarding gift and for other occasions. They can even make an exceptional gift for employees who are temporarily unable to work. They can enjoy a box filled with inspirational quotes, a calming puzzle or soothing tea, helping them to relax and feel more connected to the organization.

6. Branded T-shirts

Branded t-shirts are a fun way to show appreciation and welcome new employees to the team. T-shirts can be branded with your company’s logo or a fun phrase like “welcome aboard” or “we’re so happy you’re here.” One exceptional way to make these gifts unique is to get tie-dye t-shirts, which will surely be a hit with employees.

Tie-dye t-shirts can be matched to any company’s branding and give employees a fun piece that can be worn to work, special events or around town. The t-shirt can be personalized with the employee’s name or a special message, making them an even more thoughtful and appreciated gift.

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Show Your Appreciation

Onboarding gifts are a great way to welcome new employees to the organization and encourage them to join the team. Many excellent onboarding gift options are available, from technology gifts to welcome packs to gift cards.

No matter what you choose, these gifts will show your appreciation and make your employees feel valued from day one. Choosing onboarding gifts tailored to your employees and their job role is also important. Carefully selected onboarding gifts will show your investment in their future and make a lasting impression on the recruits.