6 of the Best Torrent Clients For Downloading Software and Applications

Knock Knock Knock. No, that’s not the Feds at your door. It’s an opportunity to review and chose the right torrent client to meet all of your download needs!

The best torrent clients are fast, efficient, easy to use, and safe. The ones on our list can be used by first-timers or by the heaviest of torrent users. So read on to learn a little bit about each one an why it could be the right one for you.

1. BitTorrent

The old standby, BitTorrent, is one of the longest-running clients still seeing new developments today. It’s supportive of many modern operating systems such as Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and OS/2, among others.

One of our favorite features is its built-in search tool, which eliminates the need to go to potentially dangerous websites to find your torrent files. Bit torrent supports over 70 different languages, which can be handy if you find yourself browsing the diverse files over at Comando Torrents.

This one is definitely in the running for best torrent client 2020.

2. Vuze

Vuze claims to be one of the most powerful torrent clients on earth, and it certainly seems to be a contender.

Vuze has an efficient torrent interface and is jam-packed with all of the stats and tracking info you could imagine. It does have advertisements though, but can be eliminated by upgrading to the Vuze Plus service. An upgrade will get you built-in virus protection and DVD burning capabilities.

3. Deluge

Deluge is one of the most versatile torrent clients on our list and certainly ranks for the best free torrent client. Its open-source construction allows it to be expanded by numerous plugins for ultimate customization. Deluge is so diverse, it can operate as a lean torrent client but also makes a great download and distribution server, too.

4. uTorrent

uTorrent is a useful and effective client that doesn’t take up too much of your hard drive space.

It is maintained by BitTorrent, but has had some issues with security in the past. It is also loaded with ads, which bothers some users. Still, uTorrent remains the most widely used torrent client outside of China’s borders.

5. Tixati

A free torrent client, Tixati is simple enough to use for novice users but powerful and diverse enough to meet all needs. For the more hardcore users, Tixati allows peers to create a cooperative swarm to very efficiently download exceedingly large files.

This is an excellent choice for any torrent user. And did we mention it’s ad-free?

6. BiglyBT

This one is an offshoot of the Vuze open source project which began in 2003. Coming out in 2017, BiglyBT is the newest client on our list and is open-source and entirely ad-free.

It boasts an intuitive and clean user interface and is easy to use. It’s powerful enough to perform many tasks like analyzing your network speeds to help optimize your downloads.

The Best Torrent Clients Are the Ones That Work for You

Every user’s needs are different, so its important to find the right torrent client that meets your needs. Our list of the best torrent clients contains free downloads, so if you don’t like one you can simply try another. Your experience should be easy, safe, and provide all of the info you need.

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