6 occasions and the types of shirts to wear for them

Whether you want to dress down, or dress up, there’s something for every occasion when it comes to men’s shirts. Arguably, the most important piece of attire in a men’s wardrobe are his shirts. Whether you’re in a meeting in the office, attending a wedding, or going on a date, your choice of shirt speaks volumes about you as a man. 

In this guide we will explore six different occasions, and the types of shirts to wear for them, to ensure you’re looking your best and can make the right impression.

1. Black tie events

What springs to mind when you think about what to wear for a black tie event? Whether it be a funeral or a sophisticated dinner party, a white Oxford shirt is never going to fail you. Timeless, classic and simple, a white Oxford shirt goes well with essentially anything – especially black tie events.

2. The first date

Perhaps the most important scenario when it comes to making a good first impression is when you’re going on a date – and choosing the right men’s shirt is essential if you want to achieve this. Keep it casual, but don’t overdo it; you still want to look smart and presentable. Oxford or linen shirts are the perfect choice for dates, as they strike the perfect balance between sophistication and comfort, meaning you can enjoy your night whilst looking good.

3. The wedding guest

When it comes to events such as weddings, which often strike a compromise between sophisticated and casual dress due to their atmosphere, your best bet is to opt for “cocktail attire”. 

This means that a smart shirt and tie are essential for the main event, but when it comes to the reception, you won’t be penalised for taking off your tie and unbuttoning a button or two. In other words, keep it classy yet relaxed – but not too informal. This is again where Oxford shirts are the perfect choice.

4. Job interviews

When going for a job interview, you need to create the right first impression for your prospective employer. This is where a crisp, sharp, shirt is essential. Whether we like it or not, society judges people on their appearance, so for scenarios like this it’s best to keep it simple. Don’t opt for anything too flamboyant and keep the colours neutral: whites and pale blues usually work the best. But most importantly, keep it smart, but not too over the top.

5. The party

Parties are a great place to unwind, have a few drinks, and meet new people – but you still want to make a good first impression, especially if there are potential networking opportunities. For more relaxed events such as parties, opt for an Oxford or linen shirt. Unbutton a few buttons, and maybe roll up the sleeves to your elbows. This will instantly tell people that you know how to enjoy yourself, whilst taking pride in your appearance at the same time.

6. Dinner with the family

When food is involved, it’s best to roll up the sleeves, or forfeit sleeves entirely, to minimise the risk of your clothes getting stained. A sleeveless, round-neck tee or polo is perfect in this scenario, as you can throw on a jacket or blazer to keep yourself looking classy.

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