6 Objects You need to Stop Flushing Down the Toilet

There are things you should never flush down the toilet. Toilet paper was made for a reason and really only the safest thing to flush. However, accidents do happen. Kids can think it is fun to flush toys down the toilet, or desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures such as the pandemic and the shortage of toilet paper.

To prevent clogs and toilet and plumbing damage, make sure to avoid flushing the following items, and always stick to just flushing toilet paper.

Baby Wipes

Yes, they may say they are flushable, but wipes are definitely not flushable. They can cause major clogs as they can’t break down like regular toilet paper.

Dental Floss

Dental floss is best to be thrown in the trash. It can easily clog pipes and cause environmental damage. Dental floss turns into netting so it holds and catches debris, which will wreak havoc on your septic system.

 Cat Litter

Most toilets don’t even use enough water to use even “flushable” litter. However, no litter is really flushable. Litter can get stuck and clump in the pipes, making it hard to purify water. It will also dehydrate the waste that toilets are supposed to flush away.


Gum will stick to pipes as it is insoluble. This will eventually clog pipes since gum never breaks down, which could cause major damage to your plumbing system.


Flushing a pet fish like a goldfish is actually a really bad idea. Fish don’t break down in the water and can cause clogs. Instead, give your fish a proper burial.


Yes, you usually clean with bleach, but it is too harsh of a chemical for your plumbing system. Vinegar can clear stains just as effectively and it is safe.

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