6 Most Common Sports Injury Myths

People perceive sports injuries in different ways. We have prepared a list of the most common myths and misconceptions regarding preventing and dealing with sports injuries. It also includes the real truth about them. Make sure your young athlete is aware of all of them. 

Rest is the best decision 

A lot of people and sports injury specialists claim that rest is one of the best treatments for the injuries. This is mostly true. If you or your kid is feeling continuous pain while playing sports or just exercising it might the time to consult a sports injury doctor. The majority of kids with minor injuries are able to manage the problem by simply taking a rest. However, more serious injuries will definitely require a doctor visit. 

No pain no gain 

Sports injury specialists emphasize on the fact that playing through pain is the worst idea possible. You should not push your body outside the limit. Any exercise or involvement in sport should not be accompanied by any sort of pain. If you feel serious pain or feel that something is just not right you should eliminate any involvement in sports activities and have a consultation with a physician. 

Stretching will prevent injury 

This is the most controversial statement that has been circulating around for some time. Recent studies show that stretching before the physical activity might also humper muscle performance. Static stretching (stretching for more than a few seconds) does not really prepare muscles for physical activity. It rather weakens them, which makes your body more prone to injury. Sports injury doctors rather recommend doing lighter versions of your actual activity along with light stretching exercises. Dynamic movements such as high knees, hip circles, squats, and lunges should also be incorporated in the warm-up process. 

Use heat for all the injuries 

A lot of people know that this is the best treatment way by now. However, not all injuries can be managed by the use of heat. For instance, ice is the best option for an acute injury. This is explained by the fact that there is a lot of blood flowing to the injured area causing swelling. If you use heat, it will lead to the area swell even more. It should be also said that heat is actually recommended for some type of sports injuries but it is also advised to have a thorough consultation with your sports injury doctor. 

Some people have a high tolerance for pain

Keep in mind that everyone feels pain. Although, the way every person reacts to pain is different. Some people might not let anyone know about the pain as they probably do not want to miss the season or let anyone down. But if you are playing through pain, you are just making the situation worse, which in turn will lead to a longer healing process. 

Having strong muscles will help you prevent injuries 

Actually, it is partly true. However, if this was 100% true, any athlete on the planet would never get injured. But in reality, it does not work like that. Professional athletes can get injured at any time. Without any doubt, building strong muscles allows your body to go through large acts of resistance, such as jumping, lifting and running. Although, sports injury doctors state that these muscles are under the risk of getting torn and/or ripped. This is mainly the case if an athlete is over-exhausted, fatigued or dehydrated. However, having strong muscles still decreases the risk of getting injured. 

It is a well-known fact that all types of injuries are better treated after the consultation with a physician. He/she will able to detect the cause of the injury and prepare a personalized recovery plan. It will make your healing process much smoother and faster.  

Amelia Grant

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