Top 6 Most Beautiful Mosques Around the World

Yes! MAN one of the most beautiful creatures of Allah- beautifies his house as well as the house of Allah. So, man built the dedicated place to worship. Everyone of us in this world worships Him in different places.


Christians remember Him in Churches, Jews in synagogues and the Muslims worship Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) in the mosques. There are millions of mosques around the world. But we will share with you a few of the most beautiful mosques in the world.


Historical Account of Mosque.

It’s been more than 1400 years since the advent of Islam. After a couple of centuries-in the reign of Ottoman Empire, the expansion of Islam vastly and swiftly reached across the globe.


Wherever, Muslim would have been marking successful expeditions, there they built masterpiece of mosque art. 


Anyhow, the very first mosque was built by Adam (A.S) which is known as the Kaaba later on Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) and Ismael (A.S) rebuilt it in the exact same place.


From then on to so far, the world has been witnessing a good number of extraordinarily exquisite mosques. Here we go to discuss the top 6 most beautiful mosques in the world. These mosques have an incomparable architecture and magnificent intricacy of glass work, stonework and exotically surviving woodwork.


From flashback of millennium of Islam to till to date’s mastery artwork ensued from the mosques is worth seeing.


Let’s explore more of those 6 most beautiful mosques in the world.


1- Al’Haram Mosque, Mecca

Al-Haram Mosque


Located in the holiest city of Islam this mosque is also the largest, most beautiful and consecrate one in the world. Being situated in the city heart of the originating region of Islam- this mosque is expanded in a colossal area 400,800 square meters.


Around the world, Muslims face towards this palace of Allah while praying. This is also the largest mosque in the world. More than 5 million pilgrims pay a visit to this mosque on the annual occasion of Hajj.


2- Hassan II Mosque, Morocco

Hassan II Mosque


When it comes to mesmerizing beauty of mosque design, Morocco’s mosque Hassan II has no substitute for it other than itself. It has the highest minarets amongst the world mosques. Having a height of 210 feet, the edifice of the minarets issues a laser beam of light that focuses towards Mecca. A good number of the Muslims and other religions tourists visit this place.


The intricacy of glass work on the floor of the mosque gives the visitors a feel of walking on the crystal of frozen stream. The artwork of the wood and handcrafted wall decoration address the golden era of Islam.


3- The Blue Mosque Istanbul, Turkey

Sultan Ahmed Mosque; The Blue Mosque


Though every noticeable mosque in the world has some historic accounts. But if you are a history lover and want to peek through the astrolabe of the affluent era of Islam, the Blue mosque stashes and shows many interesting things to you. It lies in the Ottoman Sultanate’s capital, otherwise known as Istanbul.


This place offers you a great flashback of the Islamic uprise. The blue domes and small models of domes aside them cast a heartthrob spell on the visitors. This is what makes the skyline of the city.


 4- Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


The diamond gem of Abu Dhabi- this mosque has a spellbound whitish beauty. As it stands among the top 6 most beautiful mosques in the world. But when it comes to the matter of resplendence, this very mosque allures the visitors to look into the realness.


Other than worshipers, it has 82 domes, 24 carat gold coated chandeliers and the world’s largest hand knitted carpet that will leave the visitors speechless.  Annually more than 2 million visit this mosque which is named after Sheikh Zayed- the ruler of Abu Dhabi.


5- Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque Putrajaya, Malaysia

crystal Mosque (Pulau Wan Man)


The face of traditionally Islamic Malaysia is depicted through this mosque. The entire structure almost 70% of the mosques stands on stainless steel.


The fascinating glass work reinforces the attractiveness of the mosque. The interior of the mosque even holds a sway of illusion as if in celestial space.


6- Nasir ul Mulk Mosque, Shiraz Iran

Nasir al Molk


The central country of Shia Islam, Iran has a rich history of art and architecture. So the true sense of arts seeps throws the tantalizing beauty of the mosques. If you want to see them all in one place of arts and design then you should visit this mosque at least once in life.


As being the resplendent potpourri of colors- this mosque is also known as the Pink Mosque. The handcrafted art and calligraphy of Quranic Verses inscriptions will take your breath away with its beauty.


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