6 Latest Korean Dramas in May, Ready to Accompany You

Entering the middle of 2023, Korean dramas, or better known as Drakor, feel endless. There are always the latest Korean dramas that appear every month, including this May.

Various genres of Korean dramas will be available this May. You can watch dramas with the romantic comedy genre to healing. Of course, this diverse choice of genres makes the audience have many choices to determine the most appropriate drama to watch.

So, what dramas are present this month? Here is the list.

1. My Perfect Stranger

Kim Dong Wook and Jin Ki Joo will be the main characters in the latest drama this May. They will play the role of a reporter and a writer who discovers the facts if they go back to 1987 and are involved in the same case.

Kim Dong Wook will play Yoon Hae Joon, someone who tries to be the youngest news reporter working at his company. He is cool in front of the camera, but has a warm heart in his private life.

Meanwhile, Jin Ki Joo will play Baek Yoon Young in this drama. Baek Yoon Young is someone who dreams of becoming a writer and is now working at a publishing house.

Channels: KBS2

Release: May 1, 2023

2. All That We Loved

One of the members of the KPop group EXO-K, Sehun, will be the main character in this latest Drakor. He will play the role of Go Yoo, a high school student who is not afraid of anything and has talent as a basketball player.

In this drama Sehun will be accompanied by Joo Joon Young who will play the figure of Go Yoo’s friend, Go Joon Hee. Go Joon Hee is a student who always gets high grades in his class, but has a fat physique.

Goo Joon Hee got a kidney donor from Go Yoo, but he instead suffered from cellular memory syndrome after getting the donor. As a result of this syndrome, some of Go Yoo’s memories instead moved to Go Joon Hee.

Channel: TVING

Release: May 5, 2023

3. Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938

Lee Dong Wook will return to the small screen to star in a new Korean drama this May. He will return to play in the drama “Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938” which is a sequel to one of the most popular dramas in 2020, “Tale of the Nine-Tailed”.

In this drama, Lee Dong Wook will again play the figure of Lee Yeon, a spirit from the mountains who lives in the present. However, an unexpected incident made him have to return to 1938. At that time he again met Ryu Hong Joo, played by Kim So Yeon.

Channels: tvN, Netflix

Release: May 6, 2023

4. Races

Lee Yeon Hee and Hong Jong Hyun will play together in a new Korean drama that will air on Disney+, “Race”. Apart from that, Moon So Ri and Yunho TVXQ are also confirmed to play in this drama. The drama “Race” itself is a drama that takes the theme of life in an office.

Park Yoon Zo is the role that will be played by Lee Yeon Hee in this drama. Park Yoon Zo is a single woman who joins the PR division of a large company. His friend Ryu Jae Min (Hong Jong Hyun) also works there, but chooses to draw a line between work and private life.

Channels: Disney+

Release: May 12, 2023

5. Black Knights

Kim Woo Bin will be returning to the small screen to star in the new Netflix original Korean drama, “Black Knight”. In this drama, he will play a legendary courier named Knight 5-8. He will meet a boy who dreams of being able to match himself in this drama.

“Black Knight” is a drama based on a webtoon entitled “Delivery Knight”. This drama takes place in the future and is told that at that time pollution had destroyed most of South Korea. This pollution also forces everyone to stay indoors.

Channels: Netflix

Release: May 12, 2023

6. One Day Off

Four years after the release of the drama “Romance is a Bonus Book”, Lee Na Young will be returning in the spin-off series of the drama. Titled “One Day Off”, this drama is said to have a healing drama genre and is suitable for viewing by all groups.

In this drama, Lee Na Young will play the character Park Ha Kyung, a Korean literature teacher. He travels every Saturday to escape the stress he has in his life. On each trip he met new people, tried different foods, and had new experiences.

Channel: Wave

Release: May 24, 2023

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