6 Keys to Being a Top Performer While Working from Home

If you’re working from home, you might find that it can be difficult to perform at a high level at all times. Many people are used to keeping their work and home lives separate.

Spending time at home usually means relaxing or family time. It’s understandable that anyone might have problems staying productive throughout the day.

There are some really simple tips and tricks to staying productive in your home so you can continue being that top performer that you know you can be! Here are six of the best tips for productivity at home.


Set up an office space

You don’t need to have a “home office” complete with desk, bookcases, and leather chairs. Just designate a space in your home for work and let your family know that when you’re in that space, you are not to be bothered!

For top performance, try to avoid using a couch or bed as your office space if you can. You don’t want to be tempted into a nap!


Set mini goals and rewards for yourself

Break up the day according to your tasks and set small rewards for yourself throughout the day. For example, if you get all of your important emails sent by a certain time, reward yourself with your favorite snack, or take a short walk! Your goals will keep you productively working and motivated throughout the day.


Turn off notifications

Avoid enabling actions that’ll take you off course from your work, like checking messages or notifications. In your cell phone and laptop settings, turn off all notifications and utilize the “do not disturb” mode.

Even put your phone in another room if you have to. When you take a break, then you can check your phone. You won’t be as productive as you could be if you’re checking your phone all day!


Stick to a schedule

Even if your work from home has a flexible schedule, you should set parameters for work time versus home time. Wake up, have breakfast and lunch around the same time, and set a “clock-out” time for yourself. This is one of the most helpful things for top performers because it helps keep your life organized.


Image by edar from Pixabay.

Wake up early

Having a good morning routine is one of the best ways to stay productive when working from home. If you have a 9 a.m. video conference call, don’t wait until 8:50 to get out of bed just because you can! You’ll be ready as a top performer if you give yourself time to complete a morning routine to energize yourself. Organize yourself and your task list before work officially starts.


Dress for work

Even though it sounds silly to get ready for work when you’re staying home, top performers say that it helps greatly with productivity when they don’t feel like they’ve been sitting in their pajamas all day long. You don’t have to pull out all the stops but making yourself look work-appropriate is a great tip for beginning in a productive mood.



Lastly, remember that you’re not in this alone! Many people are also struggling to stay productive while working at home, especially during the stressful times of a pandemic. If you know anyone that is looking to be a top performer at home but needs a few tips to do so, send them this article!