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6 Key Features Elevating the Value of Your Luxury Home

A luxurious home is all about opulence and affluence. However, as someone who is into homebuilding for the first time, nothing comes easy. A pressing concern that may grip your mind is whether you are ready to jump on the bandwagon or be different from the rest. Moreover, you may not know whether the design you are about to suggest to the home builder pertains to luxury features.

In reality, various features set a luxury home apart from the rest. With the highest value proportion, luxury homes usually pack in exclusive features and amenities that aren’t found in other properties. For luxury custom homes in Vancouver, you need to prioritise all those aspects that make it a better, safer, and more comfortable place to live in. With new trends evolving each year, you need to add those features that will expectedly rev up the value of your property.

Here are six features that help in elevating the value of your luxury home:

Bathroom with spa features

What is the most desirable thing you have in mind when designing the bathroom of your luxury property?  How about spa-like bathrooms with double vanities, tubs, and a shower?  With these features included, you are fairly close to achieving the bathroom design you have ever wanted. However, there are plenty of other features you may consider when making your bathroom a haven of luxury.

From heating systems with timers to drawers for towel warming, there are so many features you can play with to ensure perfection. From the cosmetic point of view, anything that looks good and is functionally compliant is also luxurious. So, you can go ahead and discuss with a home building company near me to make sure you are at the right spot when it comes to implementing spa design in the bathroom.


No house is luxurious enough to have security features. It is not just about elevating aesthetics but the peace of mind that matters as well. Think about your lifestyle and the top-grade security features that resonate with your lifestyle. If you already have kids and need to leave them back when going to work, leverage on something that gets you connected with them instantly. For independent homes, you need to have an extra layer of security compared to community homes and apartments, especially if you have aged people and children. Make sure you discuss the safety aspects with custom home building contractors before they design the layout. 

Automate home

Elite people are more conscious about making their homes tech-savvy. From making their properties energy-efficient to incorporating biophilic designs, automation of homes has gone to the next level. Some of the most demanding features that elevate the value of your luxury home are solar panels, LED lighting fixtures, and efficient doors and windows.

Aim for a net-zero home to make it stand out in the listings. A new home building without sustainable features will miss the kind of value that is usually projected for houses with luxurious features. Integrate smart home features in your luxury house as the trend is set to go far ahead.

Fitness hub

Fitness ideas are scaling up. No wonder bespoke homes have spaces dedicated to fitness. If you are following suit, be sure to covey the idea to luxury home builders. That way, you may construct the fitness hub in a specific area of the house that is free from interference and designed with various privacy features. The more precise you are about the luxury features during home construction in Vancouver BC the better it is for you to boost the resale value of the property.

Functional kitchen with detailed aesthetic features

Just like the bathroom, the kitchen of a bespoke luxury house makes a huge impact on buyers. That is exactly what you should have in mind when designing your dream kitchen. Remember that the kitchen is one place that undergoes maximum wear and tear, so consider adding plenty of features so that you don’t rely on one. From wine racks, and double sinks to eat-in spaces, the requirements of families tend to vary.

Views from the home

Luxury house builders usually pledge to offer stunning views of the surroundings. So, you need to gear your efforts right from the first design concept to the location you pick, find out what your preferences are, and go ahead with a home design that boasts unobstructed natural views.

You have dreamt of owning a luxury house for all these years. However, when deciding on the luxury features of your living abode, you need to follow your instincts and research the features of modern-day houses to ramp up your home’s value.