6 Interactive Website Elements That Increase User Engagement

A website that has interactive elements does better at holding the attention of the audience than a website that is not much interactive. The use of interactive elements in the website not only helps with user engagement but also helps in providing the audience with a personalized experience. 

These elements have the potential to transform an ordinary forgettable website into an unforgettable online experience. 

In this blog, we will discuss some interactive elements that can help your website go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Live Chat

Adding a live chat feature to your website allows the website visitors to communicate with the brand. It is convenient for the audience and very beneficial for the brand, as it can lead to a higher conversion rate. It builds a fantastic rapport for your brand with the customers, drastically increases customer engagement, and provides your brand with a competitive edge in the digital market. 

Interactive Infographics

If we talk about infographics, it would not be something new and unique. But if we talk about interactive infographics, it surely would be special. Using infographics, so much information can be covered and brought to life regardless of its complexity. You can get as creative as you like with these infographics and can grab the attention of the visitors with creative visuals. 

Visual Product Testing

An eCommerce brand can benefit a lot from visual product testing. Consumers nowadays look for variations in products. This element is where visual product testing can help both the consumer and the brand. It allows the potential customer to try out the products online before purchasing the item. This feature is ideal for interior design, fashion, and beauty online website stores. 

Interactive Animations

In the competitive digital world, businesses need to come up with unique strategies in order to stand out from the competition. The use of animations in a website creates a great first impression and compels the audience to stay on your website for a longer duration, leading to an increased on-site time as well as improving the chances of conversion. 

Social Sharing Buttons

When it comes to digital marketing, the power of social media can not be ignored. Social media has a massive impact on the growth of businesses online. Adding sharing buttons for social media below resourceful media sources such as images, videos, and infographics allows the visitors to share these on their social media accounts. When the audience shares something from your website on their accounts, your website can get more traffic, leads, and sales in return.

Customer Feedback

Allow customers to add their feedback. This feature will allow your customers to share their reviews with others. You can use your customers’ feedback as a marketing tool. Let your customers speak on behalf of your brand by adding a review and rating feature to your website.

Final Words

Interactive elements can charge up the user engagement of your website and improve the ROI of your business. There are countless options when introducing interactive features to any site. When choosing these elements, you need to choose ones that resonate with your website visitors. If you are not sure about the elements you need to add, or if you don’t know how to add interactivity to your website, you can get in touch with web design experts at UK Web Designs, which is a leading web design agency known globally for designing interactive and responsive websites.


Amy Jackson works as an advertising specialist at web design and development agency, she is an inspired writer who loves to share her experiences using lovely words. Her passion for writing has made her produce numerous articles on design, SEO, digital marketing and business. You can also follow the author on Twitter