6 Important Tips For Corporate Video Production That Satisfy Clients

Corporate Video For Business


Video Marketing has become one of the leading tools to fuel revenue within the digital world. Studies suggest that marketers that use videos grow revenue 49% faster than those who don’t use videos as part of their marketing strategy.

This is exactly why Corporate Video Production has become an important part of a marketer’s in the age of social media. Video content is generating the best ROI compared to other content types, according to professionals.

As such, businesses should ideally be investing in Corporate Video Production and 2D animation for branding and marketing, be it for products or services.

But obviously, it’s not that simple. Not all videos are equally made. How to make sure your video is one of the best-performing ones in the industry? There are 6 important tips for corporate video production that you can follow to ensure that your clients are always satisfied.


1. Don’t Just Sell Products, Sell Experiences and Value


Videos are advertisements. They are made in order to attract and engage consumers and invite them towards a conversation that leads to conversion.

In my time working in the niche, I’ve realized that a corporate video production company that sells experiences and value is more likely to achieve success than one that strictly sells products or services.

Let me clarify the difference. As a video animation company, you have to not just understand your client but your client’s target audience as well.

The end-user of the service and product isn’t necessarily interested in knowing the specific details about a product or service. They want to know or hear about those specifications, but that’s not what converts them.

A 2D animated video has to sell the value of the product, which is derived from the benefit of using the product. For example, if I’m selling automobile tires, my video will promise reliability and durability, making sure that my product’s users are never late for an important meeting in the morning.

This is the difference between selling a product and selling an experience. Selling an experience involves attracting users using real-world benefits and examples, driving value through your product, and ensuring client conversion.


2. Scripting and Storyboarding is Crucial for Success

Video Script


As a 2D animator, you should treat each of our animated videos, be it a corporate video or an explainer video, like a story.

The script is essential because while the visual experience of the animation keeps the audience hooked, it’s the script that drives home the message of your video.

Your scripting and storyboarding should revolve around a problem that your product is solving. The best strategy is to find out some common problems your target audience faces and transform them into questions.

Ensure that your script lays those questions out and exhibits how your services or products can solve those problems through a combination of audio and visual elements for a video that dazzles customers.


3. Hire a professional to film it


If you want to get a corporate video produced, unless you’re an animator or professional filmmaker, it’s better to hire a professional corporate video production company.

You can generate a great idea for a video, but compromising on animation quality, sound quality, lightning, or even the structure of the video can have a drastic impact on the overall corporate video quality and its ability to convert leads.

You can have a perfect script, a perfect product, and a perfect idea, but if your video shows even a glimpse of error, you lose business. This is because it can taint your business’ image in front of your target audience, and you shouldn’t take that risk.

A professional team or a 2D animation maker comes with professional tools, such as external microphones, high-quality animation, top-notch video animation tools, and years of experience. So If you’re looking to get a corporate video produced, you can learn more about what a 2D animation maker is.


4. Keep Your Video’s Message Simple


One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen video producers make is believing that complex is equal to intelligent. In the world of marketing, video animation, and branding – simple is intelligent.

When we’re working on a new product, we’re always told to put ourselves in the shoes of our target audience. This is because when we’re helping build a product, we want the product to be accessible. It makes sense.

The same philosophy applies to the marketing of that product. If the product is supposed to be accessible, the language around its marketing should also be accessible.

For this, I have two simple tips to offer.

  • Focus on a maximum of 2 problems and use your time to explain why your product solves those problems in a unique way. Don’t try to fix in every single use case and problem, just talk about the most relevant ones.
  • At the end of the scripting procedure, consult someone from outside your industry and ask them to purify the script of all the jargon. This will help you cut down on language that is hard to comprehend and make your video easy to understand and watch.

Understand that Video marketing and corporate video production is primarily used on social media. Keeping it simple is good because people use social media for entertainment and are largely not interested in complicated jargon-filled videos. They like light and easy to watch content.

Keep your corporate video entertaining, simple, and connect easily with your target audience.


5. Don’t Exceed The 2 Minute Video Length Rule

video Length


Videos that are under 2-minutes result in more engagement than videos that exceed the 2-minute video length. This is one of the most important aspects of corporate video production that you should always abide by. 

It’s better to keep your video close to the 45-60 second mark, especially on Facebook, whereas on YouTube, you can push it up to 120 seconds because of the nature of the platform.

There is a good reason behind this; how many times have you specifically gone to Nike’s social media to watch their videos? How many times have you thought, “Oh, I want to watch Coca Cola’s corporate Video or PandaDoc’s corporate video?” when you were looking for entertainment or using social media for leisure and not to learn something about video production?

Most users only watch videos because they appear on their social feeds, and these consumers don’t want to spend a lot of their time watching these videos. Keeping them makes it easier to keep them hooked to your video for the first few seconds.

And that’s the key; if your viewers see “7:24” as the video length, they will instantly decide not to invest time in the activity of watching it.  But if it says “00:56”, users are more inclined to watch it because it doesn’t sound like that big of a commitment.

And that’s the idea behind corporate video production; it’s about making information about your business, its services, and products more accessible to the target audience, and keeping your videos short brings you one step closer to achieving that.


6. Integrate A Call To Action (CTA)

integrate a CTA


Lastly, it is absolutely crucial to integrate a CTA to your corporate video. This is because all corporate videos are a hook that invites a certain action from the viewer.

Now, this CTA doesn’t have to be a “Purchase Now” CTA. It could be a “learn more” or “free-trial” or “connect with us” or “visit our website.” The end goal is for users to perform an action that starts a conversation or a relationship.

Simply generating traffic on your website is also a good enough CTA, which could help your business improve its online sales performance.

In the absence of this CTA, the viewer watches your video and then just scrolls past, forgetting about the video. You would want to ensure that the video results in measurable success by offering a CTA to your viewers, which could help generate leads and increase your Return On Investment (ROI) in corporate video production.


Wrapping it Up


If you’re a brand looking to increase your visibility on digital platforms, then opting for video marketing and corporate video production is a great idea.

It increases engagement, makes your brand more accessible, and is an incredible asset for the consumer-brand relationship.

Even if you don’t have the expertise to produce your own corporate video, you can always hire a corporate video production company to produce a corporate video that satisfies your clients, has a high Return on Investment, and ensures that your business performs well in the digital world.


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Jane Collen is a distinguished and highly experienced industry voice. She is an incredibly eager learner and is always excited to write about new and trending topics, but her field of expertise are 2D animation, app development, emerging tech like AI, Big Data, and the field of outsourcing for businesses