6 Important Questions You Need to Ask an Auto Mechanic

You’re cruising on a bright and beautiful day when you suddenly notice the speedometer flashing the “check engine” light at you. The dreadful feeling that you need your car checked and fixed by an auto mechanic is all too common. However, getting car repairs done by a professional shouldn’t be a difficult task at all, once you know the right questions to ask.


If you’re looking for a good Brisbane automotive service with reliable mechanics, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of six crucial questions to ask an auto mechanic,to ensure you choose the right one for your vehicle.


1. Can you explain each repair option?


It’s easy for an auto mechanic to suck you into an expensive repair option, while there are other, more cost-friendly solutions. That is why you should ask the mechanic to list other repair options and elaborate on each one. Just because you’re not an automotive expert, doesn’t mean you can’t make an informed decision. It’s perfectly acceptable to ask as many questions as you need to make your decision, even if they seem silly or obvious as the time.


2. Why do I need these repairs?


An auto mechanic should explain the repair solution to you in a straight forward manner. Ask what the repair will involve and why you need to carry it out. Once you acquire a better understanding of your car’s repair process, you’ll be able to ask more effective questions later.


3. Will you provide a written estimate?


An auto mechanic should also provide you with a detailed written estimate outlining parts that need repairing, the cost of the parts that need replacement, and labor charges. It will allow you to keep track of your expenses and have a legal record for any issues down the track. Make sure the mechanic signs this paperwork before carrying out any repairs on your car.


4. What are my warranty options?


Although warranties vary depending on the type of workshop you visit, an auto mechanic must provide certain guarantees on their parts and services. Make sure you ask about your warranty options before a mechanic starts work on your vehicle. Any Brisbane automotive service that guarantees their warranties with confidence is bound to be reliable.


5. What are your certifications?


Asking to see certifications and appropriate licenses is a crucial part of selecting an auto mechanic. Any trustworthy and reliable Brisbane automotive service will have top auto certifications and all necessary permits. Certifications prove that auto mechanics have considerable experience and are professionals in their field, with up to date knowledge.


6. Can I choose the car parts to use for the repair?


When choosing auto parts, you can opt for Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, known as OEM parts, or used car parts. Depending on the type of repair, a used car part might be another option. It will help you save money and contribute to helping the environment. That being said, an old automotive part will only work if it is in good working condition. If your auto mechanic does not guarantee a part would work faultlessly, it is better to purchase an OEM part.


We hope this helps you on your way to finding a reliable auto mechanic in Brisbane.

Pankaj Sharma

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