6 Helpful Tips for Securing Your Business

Protecting your business is one of your primary concerns. Although you’ll need security measures such as a camera system for your office building, your online business is also vulnerable to attacks and should be adequately protected. As more people work online than ever before, cybercriminals have taken advantage of the surge in activity and exploited companies of every size. Your employees’ online safety, customers’ privacy and company data can be protected by a multi-layered security program discussed in the following sections.

Identity Protection

Purchasing goods and services online has become an everyday occurrence, and most consumers enjoy the convenience of ordering from a phone or device. However, identity fraud continues to be a significant problem with online transactions. In the past, a single password was accepted for creating an online account, but security experts recommend using multiple sources for verifying identities. Multi-factor authentication makes users provide at least two other forms of identification. This minimizes the chances of someone using a single stolen id to create an account. To avoid possible attacks such as SIM swapping and keylogging, you can go a step further by using a passwordless authentication system.


Guarding your online operation against phishing attacks, malware, denial of service and botnets requires a trusted security company to adapt a customized security plan for your company. Online security is a growing market that has multiple providers competing for your business. Researching the companies online may give you a general idea of which provider to choose, but you’ll benefit from questioning the business owners in your community about their experiences with various security firms. Before selecting a provider, you should examine the company’s expertise, customer service rating and insurance procedures involving a breach in its security.

Virtual Private Networks

Although some security firms don’t offer virtual private networks (VPNs) with their basic packages, you should be able to find a reputable company that gives discounts for bundled features. VPNs help mask your company’s online identity from criminals. When you engage a VPN before entering a website, the software hides your IP address and displays a false one. For instance, if your office is in New York, the IP address may show a Portland, Oregon location. This false address keeps hackers from tracking your computer and interfering with your data transfers.

Updated Software

The frequent update requests that you see on your computer, phone or connected devices can become irritating, but the updates are essential for keeping your software running smoothly and guarding against new attacks. Software updates include the latest security improvements for programs, and outdated software is much easier for criminals to manipulate. To make things less complicated, you can customize your computer and devices to update at specified times automatically. For considerably large updates, you can set up a time after work so it doesn’t interfere with your day-to-day operations.

Data Back-ups

A power surge or electrical storm can damage your hard drive data, but you can avoid the possibility by using a cloud to backup your company’s data. A cloud can also protect your business from a large-scale cyberattack. If a virus infects your home network and corrupts the data, you’ll be able to restart your operations by accessing your files on the cloud. If you’re away from the office when the breach occurs, you can still access your information remotely from a connected device.

Employee Screening

You may be satisfied with your current hiring program, but it’s a good idea to analyze your screening process to ensure your procedures are comprehensive. Background checks are essential for every hiring program, but you can also examine a candidate’s social media history to learn more about them. An offensive post or criminal following may change your opinion about a potential candidate. You’ll know much more about a prospect when you spend a considerable amount of time and effort interviewing and analyzing their activities.

Keeping your business safe and protected against online threats can seem challenging, but you can continue to prosper and expand your company by following the previous suggestions.