6 foods that instead of satiating you make you hungry more!

Do you eat, (from the following foods) and you can’t get enough? It’s not your fault, the following foods are the cause of your hunger. And imagine that some of them are among the most common options for a healthy snack.

Have you ever had a meal or snack and instead of having enough of feeling hungry more than before? Your first thought is that it is due to gluttony and may in some cases be true, but when you have consumed any of the following foods, the cause of your hunger is the same. The foods that make you hungry the most, then, are:


Bad news about your diet, since plain green leafy salads can’t fill you up (and if you’ve tried to get it out with such a salad for noon or evening, you’ve definitely figured it out). Ideally, add to your salad quinoa, brown rice, baked sweet potato, avocado, boiled chickpeas, chicken or salmon and you will immediately have a more filling and nutritious dish.


One of the most classic options for snacks, especially at times when you pay attention to how many calories you consume, is 2-3 crackers. However, most crackers are simple carbohydrates, which are absorbed faster by the body and make you hungry more. To make them really filling, I accompanied them with avocados, cottage cheese, hummus, or almond butter.

The juices

What if they are full of vitamins and very healthy for young and old? Our favorite juices not only can not satisfy us but also open up our appetite more. Cause? That fruit sugars are absorbed faster when you drink juice, resulting in blood glucose rising and asking for more food. Prefer solid foods or otherwise fruits and vegetables as they are, which will surely give you a greater sense of fullness.

Artificial sweeteners

Light soft drinks may not add calories to you, but their good properties stop there. When they contain artificial sweeteners again, they make you desperately want sweet! Not good for your line at all.

Savory snacks

It’s no secret, savory snacks – like nuts and chips – make you thirsty. But many confuse thirst with hunger and instead of drinking a glass of water, they resort to a whole plate of food! Reduce salty snacks now, if you don’t want to eat much.


Not enough they contain a lot of calories, drinks make us hungry and we get hungry more! No wonder that beer, wine, and spirits are always accompanied by plenty of appetizers.

There is a food that was prepared by our ancestors and it was super healthy and nutritious and can be consumed raw. This food was made by ancient Incas and can be homemade by anyone. The recipe is covered in the 2nd edition of the Lost Ways book (full book review here).

Jennifer Alex

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