6 Expert Tips to Make Your Waist Trainer Work Faster

Waist Trainers are useful to shape your waist to bring your natural curves back. There are a lot of waist trainer corsets, cinchers and trimmers available for women and men. The waist trainers for women are more compared to waist trainers for men. Buying a best waist trainer is a challenging task as you have to choose the best waist trainer that is comfortable and effective on your body.

A waist trainer can change your body shape to make you look better and attractive than earlier. But many women have told us that they wear a waist trainer everyday still it is taking a long time to show results. So, something is missing on your end and that is you don’t know how to make a waist trainer work faster on your body. If you want to know then just go through this entire post and read it thoroughly.

How to Make A Waist Trainer Work Faster

A waist trainer is designed to compress your waist and stomach area to make it slimmer. However, it takes time to adjust on your body and slim it. Moreover, the slimming effects of a waist trainer are temporary which can go away soon after you take it off. We have met two hundred women who started wearing a waist trainer in last 3 months. Out of them, some women were getting best results, while some got average results and remaining were not satisfied with the results.

When you buy a waist trainer, you have an expectation to trim your waist to improve your body shape. This expectation is normal because you are going to invest your money, time and energy into the waist training therapy. But not all women get best and effective results from their waist trainer. This happens because either they have chosen a poor quality or wrong waist trainer or they are not following the right techniques.

Here we provide some key ideas that will help you get faster results with your waist trainer.

#1. Know Your Body Type and Size:

You need to know what size your waist is right now even before buying a waist trainer. Take a measure tape and measure your waist size. You should also check what type of torso you have, it can be a short torso, normal torso or long torso. You may not know but the waist trainer for all these torsos are different, so you must check both these details to find the right size waist trainer for yourself.

#2. Get the Best Waist Trainer:

When you decide to buy a waist trainer, make sure it is high quality. In addition, it should be in the size of your existing waist size or one size above. If you buy a waist trainer smaller than your waist then it won’t be comfortable for you. If the waist trainer is not comfortable, how can you wear it for 6 to 8 hours everyday? So, stay calm and get the best waist trainer that perfectly fits on your body and keeps you comfortable even if you wear it for the whole day.

#3. Don’t Torture Yourself:

The experienced women can wear the waist trainer for 6-8 hours from the first day. But the same rule does not work for beginners. If you have never worn a waist trainer for even 1 hour in your life, just don’t start it with 6 hours a day. The waist trainer experts recommend that the beginners should wear the waist trainer only one hour per day in the first week. During this period, you should wear it comfortably and make sure you can breathe properly when it is on your body.

After one week, you can increase the wearing period to 1.5 to 2 hours. In this way, you can create a habit of wearing the waist trainer and give some time to your body to adjust with waist training. If you start your waist training with 6-8 hours a day, it will be a torture for your body and it can cause unexpected health problems.

#4. Change Your Diet:

The fat on your body comes from the food you eat in a day. If you want your best waist trainer to work faster then you have to change your diet. We are not asking you to reduce your food intake, we just suggest you to replace your existing food with a healthier one. You should meet a nutritionist or dietitian and discuss about your health status and your goal to achieve a good figure.

On the basis of your current physical & digestive health, the nutritionist will prepare a diet chart for you. If you eat according to the diet chart then you will consume less calories and the waist trainer will work faster to make you slimmer, attractive and more beautiful.

#5. Make Workout Your Habit:

The waist trainer cuts your waist size instantly and hides your belly fat as well. But these effects are temporary and they go away soon after you remove the waist trainer. So, you are wearing the best waist trainer everyday and also following the low fat diet chart. Now, you need to add one final thing i.e. develop a habit of workout. You should do cardio workout and other exercises that are effective to shape your waist, tummy and also good for your overall health.

#6. Note Your Progress to Stay Consistent:

For first few weeks, you may not notice any big difference by just seeing it. This can demotivate you or your mind would react like let’s leave it and get back to earlier careless lifestyle. But we suggest you to stay consistent and motivated by small-small achievements. How, let’s explain, you should measure your waist and belly size on first day, note it down on a paper and hang it on the wall where you workout.

After one week of waist training (wearing a waist trainer, following diet chart and doing all exercises), measure your waist and stomach again. We are sure that you have reduced one or more inches. Note it down in the same paper to appreciate yourself and get motivated for the next seven day. Keep doing it every week until you achieve your desired figure.

Final Verdict:

The waist trainer works faster when you are using it right way. In addition, if you are hopeless from inside, the outcome will be definitely low. Therefore we suggest you to choose the best waist trainer, wear it everyday, eat low-fat diet and burn calories with daily workout. In addition, note down your weekly progress to stay motivated throughout the waist training journey. It will make the waist trainer work faster to help you achieve the best results ever.