6 Essential Security Guard Duties

There’s a lot more to being a security guard than going on patrol. When you hire one of the 1.1 million security guards in the United States, you’re hiring a security professional who can keep your property safe.

So what are the most important security guard duties? In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at what a security guard needs to do to keep you safe.

Are you ready to find out more about these key duties? Then read on!

1. Being Visible Security

One of the best ways to deter intruders is to have visible security on site. A security guard helps to provide just that. 

If a would-be burglar can tell that they would have to deal with on-site security, they’re far less likely to try and break in than if your property was empty.

2. Helping First Responders

Some security guards are trained in first aid and can help in emergencies. Even if they’re not, armed security guards can help to keep intruders at bay until the police arrive.

Another vital duty of a security guard is to tell first responders what is happening. This makes the first responders’ duties easier and could save lives.

3. Enforcing Rules

Many data breaches and other security breaches are caused by staff. This could be deliberate or accidental. A set of company rules can help prevent these but what good are rules if there is no one there to enforce them?

Security guards can enforce security policies and help to keep your company, employees, and customers safe.

4. Only Allowing Authorized People Entry

One of the most important duties of a security guard is to keep the wrong people out of your property. Your business premises are likely not public and the wrong person entering could have severe consequences.

Highly-trained security personnel from companies like CE SECURITY & Consulting Inc. can ensure that only authorized people enter your building. If you’re expecting guests, they can sign them in and give them a visitor’s pass. If there’s someone at your door who shouldn’t be allowed in, security can escort them from the premises.

5. Maintaining Order

If you’re putting on a large event, how do you keep the crowds under control? These situations, however peaceful they may seem, can fall into disorder at any time.

A security guard’s presence is often enough to help maintain order.

6. Keeping An Eye On Your Premises

As well as patrolling your premises, security guards have another vital duty: watching CCTV footage. An array of CCTV cameras inside and outside your premises can give you early warning of a robbery or other criminal acts on your property.

A security guard who sees one of these events happening can call the police or intervene.

Security Guard Duties Are of Vital Importance

There are many security guard duties but they can all play a huge part in keeping your business safe. If you don’t have any security guards on your property yet, consider hiring them soon. They could save lives or your business one day.

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