6 Effective Methods to Improve Your Hearing

An estimated 40 million adult-aged Americans have some degree of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). This is a shocking statistic because most cases of NIHL are entirely preventable.

While your hearing may not be an immediate concern, hearing loss is a natural part of aging. When combined with conditions like NIHL, you could experience hearing loss as early as your 30’s.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can improve your hearing, prevent NIHL, and reduce age-related hearing loss. If you have been wondering how to improve hearing, here are several effective methods you can use.

1. Exercise Your Hearing

Just as exercising keeps your body healthy and strong, performing hearing exercises improves and strengthens your hearing. A simple exercise is to sit quietly and see how many sounds you can identify. You can also play logical games like Sudoku, as this will improve your hearing and the rest of your senses.

2. Take Hearing-Boosting Supplements

Certain vitamins and supplements can improve your hearing and overall ear function. Take the recommended doses of magnesium, B vitamins, folic acid, and zinc. As hearing decreases dramatically with aging, taking supplements is a great way to prevent some hearing loss.

3. Avoid Loud Noise

One of the best tips for how to improve your hearing is to avoid loud noise. While it may be tempting to put in your earbuds and turn the music up, doing so can cause NIHL. Make sure your volume is at a reasonable level on all of your devices. You should also protect your ears with musician’s earplugs in loud environments, such as concerts, sporting events, nightclubs, etc.

4. Get in Some Cardio

A great tip for how to increase your hearing is to start exercising regularly. Cardiovascular exercise promotes blood flow, which carries nutrients to your ears. This not only protects your ears but also improves your hearing.

5. Irrigate Your Outer Ear Canal

Oftentimes, your hearing loss is caused by a blocked ear canal. One of the most simple ways to improve hearing is to clean out your ears. Rather than use a cotton swab, place a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, or saline solution to dissolve the wax and clean your ear canal.

6. Meditate

Did you know meditation can help you increase your hearing ability?

Meditation prompts circulation, which improves your hearing. When you meditate, you close your eyes and focus on sounds, which doubles as a hearing exercise. Meditation also stimulates your brain, which improves your hearing and the rest of your senses.

How to Improve Hearing: The Bottom Line

By implementing these tips for how to improve hearing, you can decrease your chances of dealing with hearing loss later in life.

Perform hearing exercises and take supplements to improve your hearing overall. Irrigating your ear canal and avoiding loud noises are great ways to improve and protect your hearing. Surprisingly, meditating, doing cardio, and managing stress are also effective ways to improve your hearing.

Whatever method you use, you can improve your hearing and prevent NIHL.

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