6 easy ways to help you survive in the COD Warzone

You may come over as a diehard Warzone fan. Yet, despite all your efforts and practice, you are unable to make yourself stand out above the rest in the rankings .It’s a fact that only practice makes a man perfect. Still, not everyone have that much time to put into those long and grueling gaming sessions just for the sake of practice.

In all such cases, its highly recommended to deal with the Warzone coaching experts that can make you improve your rankings within no time. You will learn while you progress but can still make yourself rise above the rest.

That said, we hereby bring you some handy tips and suggestions to help you master one of the best battle royale games in the market.

1.  Sneak through the MAP before dropping in

Your landing zone is going to play a key role in your overall performance in the rest of the gaming session. As per most of the warzone gaming experts, you must develop a strong strategy to finalize your landing zone according to your interest.

This way, not only you will be able to find yourself in an advantageous position, but will also be able to take your gaming experience to a whole different level. Even as you don’t like to drop in this manner, you can always opt for the old-fashioned way. 

Right when the cargo plane stars up, you should bring in the map screen for your respective battle royale match. By doing this, you can actually locate the starting point of the shrinking gas circle. This way, you can actually get the idea regarding the best possible spot where people are most likely to land.

While you do have the information handy now, your next step will really prove to be decisive in the same context. You can also hide up while searching for the best equipment just in case you don’t feel comfortable being a part of those messy gunfights. 

The user can also go by a “trial by fire” approach and get trained for the gunfight the right way. Yet, you must seek out for the crowded areas while doing so. 

2.  Do not sit on your cash for long

You are surely going to collect some easy money while running around and earning more completing contracts. There will be matches where you may struggle to find that money, yet in other cases, the cash is going to be higher than expected.

Still, there is no point hoarding that money for long. The players don’t get any bonus for collecting cash while playing in battle royale mode. Besides, the option is only available if you have got ‘Buy Stations’ marked on your map. 

You can make the best use of the cash, like buying armor plating and load out drops, as well as selecting kill streaks like Cluster Strikes and UAVs. You got to be smart and proactive while claiming these rewards with the help of that money.

Additionally, if you find your team mates dying more often than usual, you must keep at least $4,000 to bring them back in life.

3.  Never let go of those contracts

Just in case the load out drop price tag of $10,000 comes as a big pain for you, there are various ways (like earning the contracts) for you to earn more cash and switch around the map. All such contracts are marked out on map for the players and fall in five categories: Supply Rum, Recon, Scavenger, Most Wanted, and Bounties.

As far as Bounties are concerned, it will mark out one player on the map within a radius that gets reduced as you get closer to your target. Going by this, you will be getting a stipulated time to locate the enemy and kill it. Once you go through the task, you got your hand on the rewards. 

The best part about this Bounty contract is that even if your target is being killed by someone else, you will hold the contention for the reward.

4.  Don’t miss out on the UAVs

You may have come across to situations where a late-game is seeing random players rocking load outs, while going imperceptible to the scanners. Nonetheless, UAVs still holds their relevancy in the Warzone while making you ware about the location of your enemy.

While using UAVs, you can have an advanced look at every single enemy placed on the Map (if your squad is using three UAVs at the same time). Besides getting the accurate information about their location, you can also have the detailed information about their trajectory.

5.  Change your Drop in spots often

You may love certain spots on the map where you often like to drop in. Yet, just by changing the same spot, you can improve rapidly while having a better understanding about the map. Doing this, you can always test and experiments with your playing style that will help you learn faster.

While changing your drop in spots, you can always go creative with your next move. This way, the enemy would find it hard to track your location in the map.

6.  Don’t go wrong with the Gas Mask

As you progress through to the closing moments of the gaming session, you can always try using the  most popular and commanding tactic of holding close to the gas ring’s outer edge as it closes down. Doing that, you can also pick off fleeing targets to stay ahead of the same. 

Now, as you go forward with this tactic, you require having a gas mask to minimize the associated risk. Even though the mask will save you from random weapons and stuff, you still need to be wary of its complicated on-off animations.

Final word

Every tip and suggestion mentioned above is quite effective in making your progress to the higher levels in Warzone. Besides, you can always opt for that Warzone coaching while getting in touch with the warzone gaming pros online.

If you have read everything and have reached the end of the list, you have surely gained some useful new tactics. That being said, all that’s left to do is to take action and try them out!