6 Daily Life Things That Use a Hydraulic System for Functioning

To many people, the term hydraulic systems sound complex and intimidating. However, these are highly practical systems that are used in a wide range of applications. Unlike popular belief, these are present all around us.

Most of the applications of these systems are safety-critical. For that reason, it is pivotal to team up with experts and get hydraulic installations with 1800 HOSE VAN to ensure perfect fitting and safety.

You must be aware of their application in heavy machinery such as the one used to calibrate and repair rails. Nevertheless, most people are unfamiliar with their uses in daily life. From your car to the lift you take to reach your skyrise apartment, these systems are all around you. Here is a list of some common applications of hydraulic systems that you come across daily.

  • Vehicle brakes

Can you imagine a car without the ability to stop it? Certainly not! Brakes are the most crucial part of every vehicle that gives you control over speed and enable it to stop. To a layman, the brakes function by slowing down the car when you push the paddle.

But what happens when you press that paddle is that the pressure in the hydraulic pipe changes and activates the brake. Hydraulic brakes evenly distribute the pressure and are considered sturdier than traditional cable brakes. These are and more reliable in controlling the car’s speed and bringing it to halt.

  • Airplanes

While you may not take an airplane to travel every day, most people have experienced air travel at some point in time. In the present day and age, its popularity is growing and air travel is now readily available on an everyday basis.

It is interesting to know that hydraulics has a vital role in the operation of an aircraft. It is used in multiple tasks such as adjusting wings and slowing the plane down on the runway while landing.

  • Rides in amusement parks

If you have ever been to those amusement parks and enjoyed the spinning rides, you have experienced another application of hydraulics. A spinning motor runs several entertaining rides in a theme park such as a Ferris wheel. These motors are powered with hydraulics to spin those massive rides at varying speeds.

  • Elevators in malls and your building

Most modern elevators in malls and residential/commercial buildings are based on hydraulic systems. A pump pushed non-compressible liquid from a reservoir into a cylinder that in turn pushes the piston to lift the elevator. These elevators are highly efficient that can take more load than the conventional cable-lad elevators.

  • Door closers

Door closers prevent doors from forceful slamming. These are attached to the door’s frame and gradually slow down the door until it clicks to close firmly. It operates with the help of a spring tension that is modulated by hydraulic fluid. The fluid passes through one reservoir to another every time the door is opened or closed thereby slowing its speed.

  • Shock absorbers

Imagine how rough the ride will be if every road bump jostles everyone and everything inside the car. A hydraulic system converts the bouncing motion into heat and keeps the car moving at the same level as you drive through uneven terrains. It is again the hydraulic system that makes your drive more smooth and pleasant.


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