6 cool tech gadgets you should be using in daily life

Gadgets have now become an indispensable part of our lives, as essential as the basic necessities. For instance, you can leave the house without your keys or a wallet, but not your smartphone. The reason is that a phone has almost become all-in-one storage (for files, documents, digital wallet, etc.) or remote control (a unit to control all the smart home devices, etc.) and more. Therefore, a phone is no longer just a gadget for communication. 

Likewise, we have many devices that have become incorporated in our lives in a way that we can no longer go about our day without them. For instance, just like a smartphone, one cannot live without a laptop since all their work is stored on it. Similarly, many people cannot live without a camera, such as photographers, and influencers, etc. 

Besides, gadgets make our tasks easier, saving us time and increasing our efficiency. Therefore, we need cool new gadgets in our lives to keep up with the world and everything that’s going on in it and stay ahead in the race. So, here we have noted down a few unique and cool gadgets that can be extremely useful to you in daily life.

Philips screeneo U5 projector

Watching movies, a football or baseball match, or any kind of sports, and more becomes even more fun when you watch them with friends or family. It almost gives you the feeling of sitting in a mini theater or a mini stadium. In such cases, projectors come in handy. Just set up a huge screen and a projector, and enjoy the show. In addition, projectors are useful in meetings or conferences as well, or in any scenario where you are presenting something to an audience. Furthermore, there are many projectors on the market. However, the Philips screeneo U5 ultra-short throw 4k projector could be the top choice as it projects a huge picture from a short distance with 4k ultra HD quality. Additionally, you can even watch 3D content on your big screen with this gadget. It’s a great bang for your buck if you are an avid movie watcher.

Superhexa vision glasses 

In the new era of the digital world and technology, we have stepped into the niche of AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), and MR (mixed reality). There are numerous gadgets now available with AR/VR/MR technology. And although engineers have made great headway into this technology, they are still far from utilizing it to its full potential. In the meantime, we have the advantage of using gadgets equipped with this technology. And besides giving us the feeling of living in a sci-fi futuristic world, they are pretty handy devices. One of them, the Superhexa vision glasses, claims to be the most powerful dual-cam AR glasses. From hands-free shooting, having the brightest AR display, and 1-15x hybrid zoom to live streaming and real-time translation, the glasses have many functions. So, try them on and have fun exploring and recording new places on the globe.

Bunafr home coffee roaster

If you are worn out or exhausted from doing any work, coffee can rejuvenate you like no other beverage. Besides, a majority of people cannot start their day without a good cup of coffee. In addition, it’s like a wake-up drink for many. Hence, having a good coffee brewing device is handy, saving you trips to the nearby cafe. Moreover, Bunafr claims to be the world’s first smokeless home coffee roaster. It is one of the coolest gadgets you can have at home. All you need to do is place green coffee beans in the tray, and roast them to get a perfect cup of coffee with just a push of a button. Additionally, Bunafr claims to unlock new flavors in every green bean. Also, it enhances the flavor in every cup, no matter what you brew – french press, espresso, moka pot, pour-over, etc. So, if you are a habitual roaster and brewer or even an avid coffee drinker, Bunafr would be a great choice for you.

Cocinare Krush

Whether it’s winter or summer, one can never say no to ice creams. Thankfully, with Cocinare Krush you can get ice cream anywhere, anytime. It is the world’s first wireless, portable ice cream maker with a built-in cooling system that works for up to an hour. Additionally, you can make your own flavors with the help of Cocinare Krush. So, what more can you need? A variety of flavors of ice creams you can eat whenever and wherever. All you need to do is freeze the bowl, crush the ingredients, and enjoy cool, refreshing ice cream whether you are at home or on the go. Plus, your ice cream stays fresh for up to five hours outdoors. And lastly, Cocinare Krush is super easy to clean. So, with this cool gadget, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with fresh, homemade ice cream wherever you are.

Velo luggage

It is a common thing to struggle with packing your suitcase with all that you need while keeping the weight restrictions airports have on luggage in mind, especially if you are someone who travels with a lot of stuff. In addition, such people even struggle with having to carry a lot of bags instead of just one. How we wish we could have bags that can become big and small, as if by magic – now, that would be one of cool tech gadgets. Well, Velo luggage does exactly that – it is a 3-in-1 expandable hard-side luggage. Therefore, it can transform into three different sizes. So, imagine – a regular suitcase but with the capability to turn into three sizes, per your requirement. Now that would be a great bang for your buck! Furthermore, the sizes a Velo bag can transform to are – 16-inch small carry-on, 22-inch medium check-in, and 26-inch large check-in.

Quanta Vici smart gloves and jacket 

Winter is coming and we need to gear up with warm clothes, including gloves and jackets. But what if these seemingly ordinary clothing items come equipped with modern technology? Well, Quanta Vici offers you these capabilities. It provides a range of smart heated gloves, jackets, and vests. Additionally, these clothing items keep the moisture out and offer the wearer warmth and coziness with precisely placed heating elements. Moreover, they are made from animal-free, vegan materials making them waterproof and windproof. In addition, they can adapt to the surrounding temperature and have customizable heat areas. Hence, Quanta Vici wearables are perfect to wear in any weather conditions. 

Bottom line

So, whether it’s a projector or a smart heated jacket, there are various cool gadgets available on the market that you can use in your daily lives.