6 Common Human Resource Mistakes to Avoid for Businesses

Did you know that about 50% of companies outsource their HR department? And while you may still be keeping your Human Resources department on campus, there are some major benefits to outsourcing.

Let’s take the experience for example. While your current Human Resources department may have some experience, outsourcing this department can save you thousands of dollars on common mistakes.

Part of keeping your company’s HR functional involves knowing what not to do. Here are some common Human Resources mistakes to avoid for business.¬†

1. Outdated Employee Handbook

One of the biggest Human Resources mistakes you can make is failing to update HR policies. How are your employees supposed to know the rules to follow if they aren’t up-to-date?

From health-benefits to social media policies, including a handbook may help employees keep up with compliance changes and implement structure in the workplace.

2. Failure to Meet Deadlines

There are so many important variables that are factored into your HR department. One of them is deadlines.

Whether it’s legal deadlines, such as state and federal forms. Or regulations that need to be implemented in order to make your company successful, failure to meet these deadlines can result in major backlash.¬†

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3. Poor Onboarding Process

As tempting as it may be, one of the hugest Human Resources mistakes you can commit is neglecting the onboarding process. Many companies believe that if they hire a new employee, the employee will eventually figure out the company’s process as time goes on. Unfortunately, this can result in low retention and poor employee engagement.

4. Faulty Employee Classification 

Classifying your employees correctly is beneficial for both the employee and the company. For insurance purposes, you want to be sure there is no wrong classification of employees because this could result in higher premiums.

For employee purposes, you want to be sure that they are classified as exempt or non-exempt employees. This not only affects their pay but their benefits as well. 

5. Favorites or Nepotism 

Let’s face it. It’s easy to develop a connection with certain employees that you come in contact with on a routine basis. However, maintaining a professional relationship with all of your employees is key to nonbiased work evaluations.

6. Poor Hiring and Firing

Last but not least, make sure you cover all bases when hiring and firing. 

When hiring an employee, be sure to choose the ideal candidates that will remain loyal to your business. When firing an employee, be sure to have all the required documents in order to avoid legal problems.

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