6 Biggest Fashion Trends for 2022

As the end of 2021 is looming around the corner, we’re ready to see what fashion trends we can expect to see next year. And judging by the spring/summer runaways, we can see that Y2K will have a huge comeback. 

If you were not a fan of the 2000s, well, you won’t be happy with the fashion trends predicted for the next year. And if the 2000s were your favorite years, you’ll be delighted to know that many great fashion trends from that era will be hot in 2022.

So, let’s take a look at some of the biggest fashion trends predicted for 2022.

Denim on denim

The 2000s are having a comeback with their popular denim on denim fashion trend. If you are a fan of Y2K, you’ll love to hear that 2022 will be the perfect year to combine denim clothes. 

Pairing jeans with denim jackets, tops, or vests will be hot next year. You will be able to choose between baggy grunge jeans and 70s flare jeans, while the skinny-jeans fashion will take a pause for a while. 

Dressing head to toe in denim will be completely acceptable and easy to pull off, the only worry you’ll have is to find a pair of matching shoes for the occasion.

Cutout dresses

This trend saw a rise in 2021, and in 2022 it will only continue to grow. Dresses with cutouts at the waist, back, or necklines will continue to be in style. However, expect to see more asymmetrical cutouts and intricate detailing or weaving on 2022 dresses. The2022  Layering and simple keyholes on dresses 

This means that you can also expect cutout boho dresses. So, don’t wait anymore and order from the supplier a wide range of wholesale boho dresses. You’ll need them for the upcoming spring/summer season!

Shades of yellow and other bold color combos

Seems like 2022 will be the perfect year for those who love to be bold with their clothing choices. Different shades of yellow and other bold colors will dominate our wardrobes in 2022. And the brighter the color, the better. 

The great thing about this yellow trend is that you can easily incorporate this color to fit almost any style. Don’t be afraid to experiment and look for different shades that will complement your complexion. Pair warm shades such as honey and butterscotch with warm undertones and cooler ones with cool shades like lemon yellow.

The spring of 2022 will be colorful with other bold colors as well, colors such as purple violet, hot pink, cherry red, and forest green, amongst others.

However, to avoid looking like a Christmas tree, try sticking to solid hues to create a color-blocked outfit, and keep it light on the accessories.


Photo by suzukii xingfu from Pexels

Some loved this trend others hated it with passion. Regardless of your stance on this fashion trend, sequins and sparkle are en vogue in 2022. And not just during the colder months around New Year’s Eve, no, the sequins will be hot during the summer months as well. 

You’ll have the opportunity to dress down sequin top with cropped pants or shorts. Even pairing your sequined shirt with a pair of sweats will be a pretty casual combo next year.

Mini skirts

You can replace all your midi dresses with mini skirts because they will be hot next year! The great thing about mini skirts is that they can work for anyone because they come in many different forms and styles. From sporty pleated mini skirts to denim mini skirts, all the way to leather ones – choose your style.

Don’t forget that you can always pair a mini skirt with a pair of fun patterned tights or leggings!

Fringe and crochet/knitwear

The 2000s are going strong in 2022. We have the denim on denim style back and now we can also expect fringe to be back. Expect the spring of 2022 to be western-glam. 

A white leather fringe jacket and zig-zag fringed pencil skirt can be statement pieces in your closet next year.

Crochet and knitwear were very popular back in the 70s and 70s were huge in the 2000s, and now both these eras are making a strong comeback in 2022. 

This means that the summer of 2022 is bound to be full of crocheted bikinis and dresses, bucket hats, and bags. Knit and crocheted pieces are a great way to add texture to your summer wardrobe so don’t be afraid to find some great, colorful pieces for next summer season.

And those are all the biggest trends that we can expect in 2022. Some will hate them, others will love them – and just like every year, we will see which of these fashion trends will become the greatest and which will slowly fade away. What do you think? Which of these fashion trends are you looking forward to the most?