6 Biggest Challenges in Mobile App Development: Beginners Guide

Many companies will realize the significance of creating well-structured mobile applications for business. Due to this reason, there is a huge demand for mobile app developers and companies. So, like any other development activity, the development of mobile apps has a few challenges and issues.  

Hence, in the growing ecosystem of apps, developers must know what will work and what doesn’t. So, in this blog, we will help you identify major challenges faced during development. 

Major Challenges in Mobile App Development

There are significant challenges which you may experience while developing a mobile app. So, let’s discuss a few common mobile app development challenges. 

1. Constantly Maintaining Code Quality

While adding new updates and elements to your application, the amount of data on it will enhance, and you might discover it challenging to maintain the code quality. However, you should not leave it as the codebase is responsible for application security, compatibility and performance. Using coding standards is an efficient approach to maintaining code quality in your application. It helps each developer to use the same coding style as it will improve the readability and consistency of application code. Also, you should check the coding after writing it. 

However, clean and well-organized codes will ensure that app will not lead to more issues later. Furthermore, it makes it easier for developers to resolve errors and regularly maintain applications.

2. Keeping Up with the Latest Version of Operating Systems

Innovations are developed continuously for developers, which became a leading challenge to fulfil the steps with recent industry standards. Thus, for successful launching, Atlanta app developers must ensure that the app supports the latest operating systems. So, with the launching of the solution, the app owners need to ensure that the app is updated with the latest versions. 

Besides that, many consumers prefer to choose app development services which provide automatic updation, which allows them to select new features, bug fixes and security patches as soon as released. The leaders like Google, Microsoft and Apple will introduce them to three new versions of the operating system every year and publicize plans for regular maintenance. Beyond that, various smaller companies can’t maintain it. 

3. Ensure Security throughout the App Development Process

According to a White Hat Security survey, approx 50% of applications in different industries like healthcare, retail, manufacturing, public, education and utilities are susceptible to cyber-attacks because of serious issues in coding. Then hackers will steal the information from the app and infect it with dangerous software, which is further automatically installed in the user’s device. 

For securing the application, you should choose various methods like:

  • Requires to check third-party modules, which the users need to use an application almost thrice.
  • Securing data transmission
  • Allow users to use multi-factor authentication. 
  • Use the data encryption method.

Moreover, ensure to test your application regularly to identify code vulnerabilities. Since cybercriminals will hack applications differently, update security features regularly to prevent them from hacking. 

4. Battery Consumption and Performance

Both factors are very crucial in the mobile app development process. A well-prepared app will consume less battery without compromising its performance. Regarding this, you can create a beat version and get it rigorously evaluated till it performs smoothly without any battery problems. If there are any problems, you will face challenges while testing, so be vigilant and careful. 

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5. Device Compatibility and Screen Size

Each business wants to make a good first impression on their customers. The future of your app is dependent on how well the end users receive it. The app’s compatibility with different devices is the most important aspect. Do not just check once; double-check that your app is compatible with multiple devices and provides flawless service. OS selection is crucial. Apple and Android have different development procedures, UI/UX components and frameworks. A business owner should research their business and target audience well before deciding. It is also important to ensure your app runs on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. Pay attention to screen sizes, resolutions and pixel density.


Mobile app development is becoming more popular with businesses and startups. To say that developing an app on mobile devices is simple would be misleading. Unsurprisingly, some developers abandon their projects before they get off the ground. Therefore, partnering with a professional Appzoro company is the perfect solution. Avilamnet of app development services will face the challenges smoothly with extensive experience and bring perfect solutions.

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