6 best ways to earn without a degree

For my whole life, I have been listening that if you want to land a job of your choice then you must get the degree first. Completing the degree of bachelors or the diploma, whatever your choice of field is, you have to complete its respective years to get your degree and the certificate of completion.

I understand, in this competitive era, you need to have a degree in hand and some outstanding skillset in order to land yourself on your dream job. This is even considered to be absolutely fair because the talent, experience, and academics speak together while you are being interviewed by the hiring manager.

Wait, let me share a fact with you!

The past researches have shown that only 46% of college students finish their degrees! The college graduates aging 25 to 32 are earning $17,500 more annually as in comparison with their non-degree holding counterparts.  

This raises a question that is the college degree even worth it or not? Getting hired for the job without having a degree is definitely not possible in today’s world. One has to work harder and has to put in a lot of efforts to reach the top.


Well, I understand that anyone with formal education would surely value his years of academics and will praise the formal teaching system. This is definitely justified from the perspective of somebody who holds a degree.

But hear me out, this doesn’t diminish the wealth potential of the ambitious non-degree holders. A degree is even much training to make the money and this also paves your way to success.

I completely feel the dilemma of the degree holders and the non-degree holders. There has been a long debate going in the practical and professional grounds for the degree and the non-degree holders.


This is completely wrong if I would say that only the degree holders can go a long way in the professional life and can make a lot of money. People can still make money without being into the university or college for good 4 years and there are so many ways for this purpose.

Creating your own way towards your own opportunities is definitely the skill of somebody who is potential, skilled, enthusiastic, and is willing to become a successful entrepreneur.

Below I have broken down 6 best ways to earn money without any degree. Do you want to know these ways? Then keep reading further to find out.

Start the service business:

You can start your own service on the internet as well to earn extra amount of money. The service business is the easiest one and can be started without any type of hustle and struggle. Also, you would not need to have so many contacts to get your service started.

No matter if you want to begin any blog writing service or you want to offer cover letter writing service in town, you just need to have an amazing skillset for which people can pay you whatever amount you would ask. Make sure to focus on value of work so that people would come again!

Invest in real estate:

So this one is really tricky and would ask you for a sharp brain and active mindset. Anybody with enough up-front capital can easily jump into the real estate and can start a rental property business as well. However, here you would have to master the property management skills.

If you still feel little worried then you can go with the option of teaming up with the experienced developer or the venture that is into the commercial real-estate the crowd-funding opportunities. Investing in the business is one of the nicest idea in town to earn more money.

Be adventurous:

Go adventurous for the world and start the blogging or vlogging on you YouTube channel or Instagram account. Trust me, people are loving the way other people are showing them the colors of the world and this is bringing them more success.

You can share your adventures on the channel of public forum and can ask people to promote you! Once your influencing skills hit the target rightly then there is no coming back as it would become your ladder to success. You can begin your career as influencer marketer as well.

Create the products:

Creating the products and stuff and selling them or outsourcing them to sell is another amazing idea to earn more money. There are hundreds of examples of such people who have not completed their degree but they mastered the in-demand skillset and now they are being highly-paid.

You can create the products or the stuff of art and craft as well. Asking the audience to promote you is very important so make sure that you are being loud about your business on every social platform. This will help the business to grow and you will slowly make more money.

Rent your stuff and sell your skills:      

You can also rent your stuff to the people on a fixed amount for a fixed number of hours like most of the CV writers are doing this. People can use your stuff and can return it back to you after paying you a fixed amount of money. This could be a camera or laptop or any other gadget as well.

Selling your skills is also an art and doing it amazingly yet smartly is very essential. Selling out your outstanding skills within a good amount of money is going to help you earn more money in less time.

Become an expert at a subject:

Are you good at mathematics or have you been amazing at science? This is the high time to get your skills cash in a right way. You can become an expert at any subject and can offer the virtual assistance to the students who need it.

In this way, you would be able to earn extra money without even holding a degree. All you need is a good skillset with a sharp mindset, so you would be able to offer your services efficiently and smartly.


With the help of the above written 6 ways, you can earn a good amount of money without even holding a degree. Isn’t it so comfortable and feasible in the midst of pandemics? Unemployment has hit the world so hard and you can try your luck in these aspects of businesses as well!


Michael Hussey is a digital marketer and blogger. He writes about motivation, education, and personal development, mostly about career help. He hopes to make a good difference in the lives of people by sharing society related relevant stories and blogs also by his personal journey.