6 Best Pressure Assisted Toilets of 2022

Pressure-assisted toilets employ a tank-in-tank construction to push more water into the bowl with each flush. As an outcome, there is a more efficient, comprehensive flush that clears waste particles and dirt and leads to reduced clogging. There are both one-piece and two-piece pressure-assisted toilets available in the market. Due to their flushing performance, they are sometimes referred to as the toilet with the best flush power.

In this article, we will delve deep down into the 6 best pressure-assisted toilets of 2022.

However, before proceeding further, let us first understand, how pressure-assisted toilet works?

How does pressure-assisted toilet work?

Pressure-assisted toilets resemble regular gravity-fed toilets until you look inside the tank; instead of a pool of water, there’s simply a sealed, plastic pressure tank. The tank contains both water and air. During a refill cycle, the air inside the tank is compressed merely by the strength of the water source inside the supply line.

Whenever you flush the toilet, the toilet tank releases the released water, delivering a powerful blast into the toilet bowl. As the water is discharged, the tank is replenished with air.

Moreover, these pressure-assisted toilets are often regarded as the best toilets for flushing power, assuming that the pressure in your household water supply is sufficient enough to operate these pressure-assisted toilets.

Benefits of Pressure-Assisted Toilets

The best toilets for flushing power often generate a powerful flow of water, which cleans the bowl better, eliminates waste more effectively, and flushes more thoroughly than a standard gravity-fed system.

According to some estimations, these pressure-assisted toilets can flush 50% farther than the standard gravity toilets, thus resulting in cleaner pipes and a lower risk of blockages down the road.

​6 Best Pressure Assisted Toilets

After going through the benefits and working of pressure-assisted toilets or the best toilets for flushing power, let us now go through the six best pressure-assisted toilets.

1.      Cadet Pressure-Assisted Toilet by American Standard

The American Standard Cadet Pressure-Assisted Toilet is the best-in-class pressure-assisted toilet in the market. This type of toilet incorporates a pressure-assisted siphon jet that helps in the removal of waste and assures a complete flush.

The increased pressure is provided by a closed inner tank, and the 1.6-gallon tank provides a powerful yet cost-effective flush. Its great height makes it simple to get up and down, and the stretched seat adds comfort. It comes in two sections and is simple to assemble.

In a nutshell, its pros are cons are as under:

  • Water conservation technology
  • Simple to clean
  • Keeps stains and debris from adhering
  • There is no mildew growth.
  • Design that saves space
  • Costly
  • Seats are offered separately

2.      Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth 0.8 GPF Toilet

In terms of money, this pressure-assisted tool is a viable option. This is a two-piece toilet, and the tank and bowl will arrive in separate boxes.

The Niagara 77001WHCO1 has single flushing technology, and the flushing button is located on the tank’s top. As it is a silent flush toilet, there will be no splashing sound when you press the flush button.

Its pros and cons are as follows:

  • Flushing capacity of .8 gallons
  • Quiet
  • Elongated bowl
  • Doesn’t always clean up after itself
  • Heavy

3.      Kohler K-3493-0 Elongated Toilet – Premium Choice

One of the best toilets for flushing power is the Kohler K-3493-0 Elongated Toilet.

It is a two-piece toilet that is simple to install and has an enlarged bowl for added comfort.

Also, it is equipped with comfort height, which means it is somewhat higher than most conventional versions and is easier to sit or stand on.

The 1.6-gallon pressure-assisted toilet swiftly flushes the bowl’s contents.

Its pros and cons are as follows:

  • Comes in two-piece
  • Equipped with comfort height
  • Has 6 gallons of flush
  • Elongated bowl
  • The product does not include a seat.
  • The trip lever becomes unfastened.

4.      Toto Eco UltraMax

Toto Eco UltraMax is a one-piece toilet that will captivate you with its sleek design and clean lines. Because it is a nut and bolt installation, you can effortlessly install this slim high-profile toilet. Smaller toilets benefit from the circular bowl. Furthermore, it will not make your toilet appear fully occupied, which is why many modern homes are investing in this high-quality toilet. However, this toilet is equipped with some pros and cons, which are as follows:

  • It uses less water.
  • There are four colour variations available.
  • flush lever in chrome
  • Clean lines
  • The ceramic material is stain-resistant
  • It is not a viable option for big bathrooms
  • For tall users, its height can become an issue

5.      Zurn Z5572 Dual Flush Pressure Assist Toilet

With this dual flush pressure-assisted toilet, you can now conserve even more water. Zurn Dual Flush is an ADA-compliant toilet that can be used by people with impairments. The chrome trip lever allows you to flush varying amounts of water depending on the kind of waste. The pros and cons of buying this toilet product are as follows:


  • 6-gallon or 1.1-gallon flush
  • Two-piece design
  • Positioned low to the ground
  • There is no toilet seat.
  • Noisy

6.      American Standard Cadet Pressure Assisted Two Piece Toilet

The second-best toilets for flushing power on our list are the Cadet Pressure Assisted Two Piece Toilet. This model has a two-piece construction that makes it simple to install and set up. The pressure-assisted siphon jets in the elongated bowl provide a forceful yet efficient 1.6-gallon flush, and the Everclean surface is stain-resistant and simple to clean.

It is equipped with various pros and cons, which are as under:

  • Two-piece design
  • Surface is always clean.
  • Elongated bowl
  • Siphon jet with pressure assistance
  • 6-gallon toilet flush
  • The size is small.
  • Doesn’t do a good job of cleaning the bowl.

Wrapping Up…

We hope that our comprehensive guide, which contains the top six choices, will help you choose the best toilet with flushing power for your new home.