6 Best Places to Visit in Houston for Visitors?

Houston has it all may it be dining, shopping, fun, and cultural experiences. Houston is also known as the fourth largest city in the United States. Houston is the perfect place for a weekend getaway. Houston homes many unique attractions and is a place that you shouldn’t miss out on. Make reservations with Southwest  Airlines official site  to know more about flights to Houston.

1. Visit Space Center Houston

If you want to learn more about NASA’s upcoming mission. There are also tours available where you can take an open-air tram tour to Johnson Space Center, to know where astronauts go for training for space missions. On Fridays, you can even meet an astronaut. 

2. Explore Houston’s Museum District

The Museum District is crowded with tourists all the time. There are 19 museums that you can visit while you’re in Downtown Houston, 11 of the museums are accessible and open to the public. You can learn about the rich culture and history of Houston. Near this locality, you can also find Hermann Park which is good for taking a stroll. 

3. Walk, Bike, or Paddle in Buffalo Bayou Park

You can go to Buffalo Bayou Park and there are plenty of fun activities you can do there. You can take your four-legged partner on a jog, or you can bike along the biking trails or you can rent a boat to paddle along the waters of Buffalo Bayou to have an active day outdoors. Visit Southwest  airlines official site to book your tickets right now to Houston and get amazing deals on flights!

4. Visit the Houston Zoo

Houston zoo is known to be the city’s popular tourist spot, frequently visited by locals as well as tourists. The zoo has a variety of more than 6,000 species of animals and also includes a children’s zoo as well. You can also feed the giraffes while you’re there. 

5. Discover Houston’s Street Art

Houston’s Street Art is underappreciated as it is very beautiful to stroll along the streets that overlook some of the beautiful graffitis, Top artists in street art also have installations throughout the US. While you take your car around the city you would be wildly impressed and amazed by how talented some artists are.

6 . Day Trip to Galveston

The Galveston Beaches are a sight to see and worth visiting and can’t be missed. These beaches are less than an hour away from Houston. If you need to unwind and calm yourself down and let go, then this is the place for you! Take out time for yourself, lay out in the sun, don’t forget to apply sunscreen, and just take a breather from your fast- pacing life. These Beaches are so gorgeous and have a relaxing atmosphere to them. You can also dine out in a seaside restaurant while you’re there and enjoy the whole day at the beach. Have a sunny day out on the crystal blue waters by your side and give yourself a perfect tan. Visit Southwest airlines reservations website right now to book tickets and enjoy amazing deals on flights.

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