6 Benefits Of Value Stream Mapping

Value stream mapping aims at helping businesses reach their potential as per customer satisfaction with optimum resources, especially software development. This visual planning tool provides a structural view of the workflow that a business would follow from idea inception to service delivery to customers. VSM software are making rounds in the digital space because of its immense benefits that include: 

Simplified visibility: 

The first benefit of VSM has to be that it allows an enterprise’s stakeholders to see what would happen in an entire development and supply chain. It identifies processes, teams, operations, and result. This visibility makes it possible to have a unified objective and focus, and the team can do their independent works while having a common goal in view.

Enhancing sales and operation planning:

Value stream mapping gives a visual overview that allows you to identify and manage the main stakeholders and processes involved in managing customer service. VSM simplifies the process of monitoring and mitigating strategies that will help to maximize the delivery of service to the customer with timely delivery.

Improving team collaboration: 

With VSM, an enterprise’s administration and team leads can track each unit’s progress and know if it complies with the overall goals and objectives of the project and the company. Hence, team leads can collaborate to provide suggestions and encouragement to one another about how far they have gone on the project and how things can be improved. It also allows the teams to work independently, yet not disconnected from the software development project.

Identifying wastes and excesses: 

As a powerful visual and planning tool, the view of flowcharts helps the administration and team leads to see the processes and identify the resources that would be needed for each process. Through round table discussions, the processes can be evaluated, and the unnecessary, excesses, wastes, and iterative processes/resources would be identified and eliminated. These wastes can be identified anywhere in the sequence from ideation to customer. Waste, in this context, basically refers to an activity or process that does not add value to the customer.

Forging a better future: 

With the timely evaluation of the results of the line of actions drawn up on value stream mapping, the situation of business would be known. With these results, an establishment can forge what the future of their business would be like by identifying key players such as points to eliminate waste, reduce cost, enhance maximal productivity, and points that directly affect customer’s decisions. Also, with the predictive analyses feature of a VSM software such as Plutora, it is quite possible to make informed decisions from measured results. 

Improving performance: 

Most value stream management software improves performance by improving the speed of processes because they have already been outlined and expressed on a map, making it easier to follow. It also simplifies the quality of complex applications.

In conclusion, the right VSM platform will help to scale agile and DevOps enterprises with the measured outcome, as it serves as a confluence of people, process, and technologies.