6 Benefits of Living in Portugal

A person is devoid of constraint and stiffness when it comes to improving the standard of living. More often than not, he has no attachment to the place where he was born. This is due to open borders, broad prospects, and the opportunity to get an education or build one’s career abroad. Today’s realities push us forward in search of a place where we will feel comfort and security. 

Until recently, few people would have considered obtaining a Portugal Golden Visa for permanent residence in another country. But in recent years, one cannot help but notice the active growth of living standards, infrastructure development, and other benefits of living in Portugal. At the same time, one should not forget about the favorable climate and proximity to the sea.

Overview of Portugal as a desired living destination

The government of the country carries out practical work to attract foreign capital. This has a favorable impact on economic growth and development. Two programs for obtaining residence permits and citizenship for foreign applicants have been developed: Golden Visa and EU Blue Card. In exchange for contribution to the economy, the best benefits of living in Portugal are offered:

  • the opportunity to live, to be educated, to work;
  • visa-free entry to Schengen countries;
  • PML after five years;
  • citizenship in six years;
  • the chance to recover the investment in 5 years;
  • minimum residency requirements;
  • starting one’s own business in any EU country;
  • flexible taxation system;
  • knowledge of the country’s culture, history, and language skills are not required;
  • low crime rate;
  • a high-level health care system.

To begin with, the applicant receives a temporary residence permit for one year. It can be extended twice for two years if the conditions are met. During the first year, the period of stay in Portugal is at least seven days.

Benefit 1: Affordable Cost of Living

Portugal is characterized by an affordable cost of living compared to other Western countries. According to Vladlena Baranova, an investment program expert (Immigrant Invest company), the average amount covering monthly expenses is about 1500 euros per month. Of course, the exact figures depend on where you will live. For example, Lisbon is quite an expensive city. Recently, it has been recognized as one of the best for remote work due to the developed infrastructure and active pace of life. But there are other equally attractive places that make sense to consider (Porto, Braga, Cascais, and others). In rural areas, the costs will be an order of magnitude less. 

Benefit 2: Rich Cultural Heritage

The cultural heritage is quite diverse; it is also a great advantage of living in Portugal. There is a lot to see here, not without reason. Lisbon confidently takes the 37th position in the annual rating of the 100 best cities in the world. Monasteries, towers, churches, cathedrals, and open squares pleasantly impress foreigners. Moreover, one can meet ancient castles immersed in picturesque landscapes in the country. The most popular one, the Palace of Pena, is an hour’s drive from Lisbon in the resort town of Sintra.

Benefit 3: Favorable Climate and Natural Beauty

The mild climate attracts a considerable number of tourists and investors. In summer, there is hot weather with temperatures up to 29 degrees. In winter, the temperature regime is 14-16 degrees. Heat lovers will generally be comfortable here; the sunny weather lasts about 300 days a year. 

Benefit 4: Welcoming and Friendly Locals

Portugal is the best option for lovers of a measured pace of life. The locals are never in a hurry; it is as if time slows down here. The attitude towards visitors is relatively peaceful. If you do not speak Portuguese, it is enough to use English to communicate. 

Benefit 5: Strategic Geographic Location

Portugal’s geographical position is highly favorable. It has access to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. By land, the country borders only with Spain. The country’s strategic position is favorable for cooperation with NATO partners (there are US military bases on the Azores).

Aviation and sea transportation is used to connect Portugal with other countries. International airports are located not only in Porto and Lisbon but also on the islands.

Benefit 6: Attractive Residency and Tax Incentives

Who doesn’t dream of moving to a country with endless ocean, beaches, and the most sunny days of the year? In addition, it is worth noting the very favorable pros of living in Portugal for immigrants. The applicant is granted tax benefits under certain conditions. 


Portugal attracts foreigners with its high standard of living, quality education, developed medicine, and other advantages. It is advisable to consult specialists for the necessary information on relocation rules and a list of documents. This will minimize the risk of unpleasant situations.

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