6 Benefits of a Solar Panel for Residential Area

Are you worried about the rising electricity bills? We all are, but what if there is a way to reduce that cost and enjoy more benefits?

Switching to solar energy resources is the way forward, especially for countries like Australia, where sunlight is present in abundance.  

A solar panel installation will generate electricity by converting sunlight into power, thus facilitating your home electricity requirements. And by selecting an efficient solar panel, you can plan for long term financial benefits for your home. Let’s discuss all the advantages of installing residential solar panels and how they will improve your future.

Benefits of using a Solar Panel for your home.

  1. Save Money for Years to Come

Installing a solar panel may look costly and out of budget right now, but think long term and don’t let the initial cost deter you from making a great decision. Now is the best time to invest in solar panels as the cost of electricity rises in Australia rapidly and burdens your household budget.

You can save around $2000 a year on your electricity bills if you use a solar system of 5kW.

The government is also encouraging the use of solar energy and providing incentives. You can take advantage of the Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme and set off some of the purchase prices. However, do your research to understand how much profits you can avail yourself of the government rebates.

  1. Increase Residential Property Value

Investing in solar panels can increase the market value of your property. Market experts estimate that with a 5kW solar panel, you can raise your house’s resell value by $29,000. 

However, if you expect to avail of this benefit in future, you must invest in a good quality solar panel. Consult a reliable solar company that can help you select the best suitable solar panel. It will also help you quickly sell your property by making the solar panel warranties transfer seamless.

  1. Environment-friendly

Solar is one of the most eco-friendly options for energy production. When solar panels generate electricity, there is no emission of harmful gasses, and it does not create any pollution.

No matter how much solar energy you use for your home electrical appliances, solar energy will never deplete; solar energy is the best option. You can also reduce your carbon footprint on the earth and do your bit to reduce dependence on non-renewable energy sources.

  1. Gain High ROI and Make a Side Income

Investment in solar energy will bring you a high ROI. The upfront cost you pay once will be covered within a few years with the amount you will save on electricity bills. It can also give an added advantage of making some extra money.

Did you know that you can earn some cash by selling unused electricity produced by your solar panel to the central grid? Yes, it’s possible if your home is in an area that receives ample sunlight or if you have low solar energy consumption. The government provides excellent feed-in tariffs to reward households that sell extra solar energy.

  1. Low Maintenance

Solar panels don’t require high maintenance as they don’t have any moving parts, so there are lower chances of wear and tear, and you only need to keep them clean. You can get scheduled maintenance services from the solar company or even do the cleaning a couple of times every year by yourself. It will keep your solar panels clean and working without any malfunctions.  

  1. Become Energy Independent

What’s better than generating electricity and also being able to store it for later use? Installing solar panels will make you energy independent and take you a step ahead as you are no longer dependent on the central electricity grid. You can store the power generated during the day and use it throughout the night to keep your electrical appliances running.

Whether the electricity prices per unit consumption rise or there is a shortage of non-renewable resources in the future, you don’t have to be completely dependent on these factors for your electricity requirements if you have solar panels installed at your home.

Solar Power is the Future

Around 1 in 3 households in Australia are already installing residential solar panels. By the number of people moving to solar energy, we can confirm that Solar Energy is the future!

Solar is the most inexpensive source of energy in the world right now. And after reading the above benefits, if you are still hesitating about investing in solar panels or not, think again!