6 Accessories You Must Have for the Total Mac Upgrade

You might have dropped a decent amount of money on your Mac, but it might not be exactly where you want it quite yet. Thankfully the Mac comes with a ton of accessories to perform the ultimate Mac upgrade. You can increase the amount of RAM or get the Apple Magic Mouse for an increased point and click experience.

Here are six Mac upgrades that you need to complete your Mac experience.

  1. Apple Trackpad or Magic Mouse

While a mouse is standard when it comes to desktops, the Apple trackpad and Magic Mouse take that experience to another level. The trackpad works similarly to the MacBook trackpad that they have.

The Magic Mouse combines the two, to offer the swiping and scrolling of a trackpad, while still having the option to use it as a mouse.

  1. Increase the Amount of RAM

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can open up your Mac and go for a Mac RAM upgrade. Upgrading your RAM allows your computer to handle multiple tasks more effectively.

It is also one of the easiest parts to install without needing special tools to get into the Mac itself.

  1. USB-C Hub

Need a way to increase your USB ports or move them to a more convenient location? Plugging a USB-C hub into your thunderbolt is a great way to increase your USB-A options and even have an SD reader.

By changing where you have the ports, you’re making it easier to plug and unplug your chords.

  1. Speaker System

One of the best Mac accessories to own is a separate pair of speakers that enhance the sound past what the Mac can do. The speakers add another element that can help you tune your sound more effectively.

  1. CD and DVD Drive

You can hook up an external disk drive to your computer to allow you to burn your sounds onto them. Or if you want to watch movies or listen to other albums that you’ve had laying around, adding a CD drive to your Mac makes for a great accessory.

If you’re looking for CD & DVD Media, be sure to check out the prior link.

  1. External and Internal Storage

If you’re a creative freelancer, you’ll want to have as much storage as possible on hand. It can be quick and easy to add internal and external storage to your system.

These devices allow you to safely store your projects and the more space you have, the more ability you have to create those projects.

Your Mac Upgrade Is Just Around the Corner

Don’t wait around for your Mac upgrade. Order the parts you need to start enhancing your Mac experience to the best of its abilities. Just be sure you have enough room on your desk for all these new toys.

If you want to learn more about making your technology work harder for you, then be sure to check out the rest of your blog or speak to PC Specialist. Not the only one you know with a Mac? Send this article to your friends with Macs so that they can benefit from these accessories as well.