6 Accessories Every Entrepreneur Needs

Being a busy working individual makes it essential to stay organized. When you are running to meetings, taking calls on the go and trying to balance work with your personal life, things can get crazy. Here are six accessories that can help you keep every part of your life on track.

  1. A Bag

Making sure you have everything you need throughout the day starts with a way to carry it all. Invest in a good canvas tote bag that is large enough to pack all of your necessities into. You can further organize by adding smaller bags that fit into your main tote to keep small items corralled. Toss in a small makeup bag with essentials, a first aid kit, a sewing kit and a zippered bag with mints, toothpicks and floss and you will be prepared for almost anything.

  1. A Charging Station

Keeping all your devices ready to use is easy when you have a place to store them all and charge them at the same time. Put a charging station somewhere in your home that is convenient for grabbing your gadgets and going whenever you need. If you have an outlet and console table near the front door, this will make it simple to grab your fully charged devices and toss them in your bag on the way out the door. If you spend a lot of time in your vehicle, you should also invest in a portable dock that you can hook up in the car so you can keep everything charged throughout the day.

  1. A Car Organizer

Another essential for anyone who travels in their vehicle a lot is a car organizer. Attach one to the back of your passenger seat to store items you want to be able to grab easily. A console organizer or one that sits on your passenger seat is also handy for grabbing items at a glance. You can also get one for your trunk to keep lesser-used items organized and to have a place to put groceries so they stay put instead of rolling around the trunk.

  1. A Daily Planner

If you have a hard time keeping track of appointments, tasks you need to get completed or what you need to grab at the store, a daily planner is probably the answer. In addition to a calendar, most planners include an area for making to-do lists, grocery lists or any quick note you need to make throughout the day. Be sure to choose a format that works well for your lifestyle. If you’re on the go a lot, you may want a smaller planner that fits well into your work bag. If you primarily work from home and don’t go out much, you may prefer a larger planner to sit on your desk. For those that tend to forget to grab what they need on the way out the door, there are also many planner apps available for your electronic device so that you’ll always have it when you need it.

  1. A Timer

A timer can really boost your productivity and help you get more done throughout the day. Whether you utilize the Pomodoro Technique or come up with your own method, using a timer to break up your day can help you to stay on task more effectively. Set a specific amount of time to work on a chore or work duty and the clock works as a reminder to stay focused until it is time to switch tasks or take a break.

  1. A Travel Cup

Even if you’re not constantly on the move, a good quality travel cup is a necessity for most people. It can keep your coffee warm or your water cold throughout the day, even if you spend most of it in your home office. Plus, it’s easy to take along when you do need to run out for an errand.

When you’re prepared in advance, living a full life can be a much less stressful experience. Bring some organization into your day by adding these accessories to your list of essentials.