5 Historic Monuments that every History Lover must visit in New York

For a major section of visitors and native New Yorkers, the history of the city is explored with the help of its modern icons like the famous Empire State building by going through its prestigious museums that gives a detailed insight into the world of history rather than the history of New York only. for a lot of tourists, the tour of the prestigious your city and here only what if you are willing to extend your stay, here is a list of a lot of historical monuments and landmarks in this one of the oldest American cities that will bring about the true joys of travel. You don’t need to stay for a week or more to explore these destinations because you can unravel a lot of places in a single day only. but in order to do so, you need to be extra careful about the baggage you carry because it will only slow you down and ruin your travel experience. There are a lot of options to store your luggage like port authority luggage storages that can help you dumb your extra baggage and explore the city at its best. If you are concerned about locating these dedicated luggage storages, you can easily find the one nearest to your location with the help of Vertoe. Here is a list of five historical monuments that you need to visit to explore the true historical beauty of New York.

  1. US Customs House (1 Bowling Green):

This architectural wonder was held in the year 1907 by Cass Gilbert. You will find mesmerizing mama sculptures while visiting the building which reflects toward international commerce. Its vast circular rooms are designed with wood panels and murals by well recognized New York artist Reginald Marsh which defects the Marine culture of the city. This building also integrates the national museum of American Indian which you can visit without any cost.

  1. Cathedral of Saint John the Divine (1047 Amsterdam Ave.):

A lot of people don’t know this but this is one of the most divine churches in the city which is forgotten many times. This search is comprised of a very long and unique history of mankind and unlike any other building in your city, it is the fourth-largest church in the world and one of the most popular ones because its construction was started in the year 1892 and it is still unfinished. The timeless construction techniques and style of this church built and the presence of a massive art studio in this building that makes it a beloved destination for many art lovers. 601 footlong cathedral provides a perfect stage for the exhibition of art. You can simply take a bus for a cab ride from port authority to this church and it is advisable to drop your luggage at port authority luggage storages to leave your worries of carrying your luggage behind.

  1. New-Yorkistorical Society (170 Central Park West): 

New York’s historical society is situated just across the well organized national history museum and it is a great place to learn about different time periods and civilizations of new york city. One will find the exhibition near changing frequently that are influenced by the history of the city directly. On the 4th floor of this museum, one will find historical artifacts that date from the pre-revolutionary war period as well as recent artifacts from 9/11.  

  1. Federal Hall Memorial (26 Wall Street):

This is one of the most important destinations in the city’s origin and changes witnessed over a period of time. Although this monument is slightly overshadowed by its much more recognized neighbor, wall street, this hall is well known for its live side statue of George which is displayed in the front.

  1. The Morris Jumel Mansion (65 Jumel Terrace, Brooklyn):

This mansion was built under the supervision of a British military officer, Rodger Morris in the year 1765. It is one of the hidden crown jewels of New York City which reflects a great deal of knowledge about its history. You will be amazed to know that this mansion has also served as a temporary headquarters for George Washington after he got defeated in the battle of Brooklyn. 

The list is not limited to these monuments only because the city of New York has a lot to offer for any history lover. Just have a look at the guide of New York City and you will find a lot of hidden gems that will reveal the history of America right in front of your eyes.