5 Welding Tools You Need to Have!

Are you planning a project that involves some welding?

Welding without welding tools is impossible, even for the most experienced welders. You can’t just weld metal together with your bare hands.

Whether you’re just learning how to weld or you’re looking to stock up on standard supplies as a shop owner, these welding tools are must-haves!

Welding Tools and Quality

If you want the best welding tools, then you’ll want to invest a little more money into these tools. Whether you’re buying a t slot aluminum profile or a welding helmet, it’s important to check out the quality of whatever you’re buying. Keep in mind that welding tool prices don’t always mean better quality. 

Welding PPE

Personal Protection Equipment is the most important part of this list. Welding is dangerous, and you want to protect your body as best you can. If you’re not protecting your body, then don’t even try to weld.

Welding PPE includes a helmet, gloves, suit, ear cuffs, and even steel-toe boots. Make sure you’re getting pieces that are made specifically for welders. There are materials that are better suited for welding, and welding-specific PPE will use them. 

Fire Extinguisher

You never know when a fire could break out, especially in the welding world. Being prepared to put out a fire means having a fire extinguisher on hand and in an easily-accessible place. 

Having a fire extinguisher means knowing how to use one, too. Most people don’t know how to use a fire extinguisher unless you go out of your way to get taught. It doesn’t do any good to own a fire extinguisher just to fumble when you actually need to use it. 

Permanent Markers

One commonly overlooked thing that welders need is permanent markers. A box of these utensils goes a long way, and you’ll run through them quicker than you’d expect. 

Here’s a tip about buying permanent markers: always buy in bulk. Buying a single permanent marker is going to cost you more money in the long run. Plus, you’ll inevitably run out before grabbing a new one at some point. 

Welding Clamps

Welding clamps are meant to hold two pieces of metal together when you’re welding. If you plan on working with bigger pieces, then welding clamps are a must-have.

Don’t try and rely on your own strength in the middle of a welding job. This can be dangerous, and it’ll even make your welding look sloppy. If you’re doing professional welding work, the cleaner you can make your welding look, the better.

Chipper Hammer

A chipper hammer will help your welding look neat, even in hard-to-reach places. For a professional welder, this is an important piece of equipment. 

Even the most experienced welders don’t expect perfect lines when welding, especially if you’re working with oddly-shaped pieces of metal. A chipper hammer goes the extra mile to satisfy customers.

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