5 Ways You Can Fall Asleep Quicker

Not being able to sleep can be incredibly frustrating and miserable. Getting poor sleep effects your overall mental and physical health and the ability of your brain and body to function correctly throughout the day. Many people have a hard time falling asleep at night, tossing and turning for hours and then waking up during the night after they’ve finally fallen asleep. If you have similar struggles falling asleep, try these 5 ways to fall asleep faster.    

Try Supplements for Better Sleep 

There are many supplements on the market that boast positive effects on your sleep. These supplements can make you fall asleep faster and also help you stay asleep throughout the night. Supplements like melatonin and magnesium help you sleep by increasing the production of certain sleep hormones or by just helping you feel more calm. You can also try water soluble CBD, another popular supplement that can help you sleep by relieving stress and anxiety and promoting relaxation, all of which can help you fall asleep faster.

Try Meditation or Yoga 

Practicing meditation can increase your levels of melatonin and help you relax. Yoga is also known to help you have better breathing and release any tension in your body. Therefore, practicing meditation and yoga can help you fall asleep more easily and help you get a better night of sleep by relaxing your body and mind. Many people struggle to fall asleep because their mind is full of worries. For this, try practicing mindfulness to help you worry less and be more focused on the present moment.

Try Aromatherapy

There is research that shows that smell can have an effect on your sleep. Another method for relaxation that is growing in popularity is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy uses essential oils with scents like lavender, cedarwood, jasmine, chamomile, bergamot, peppermint, clary sage and damask rose to calm you and promote relaxation. There are a few methods people use to get the benefits from essential oils, such as inhaling them using a diffuser that fills the room with the oil so you breathe it in or by applying the oils to your skin. Either way, these essential oils can be used to calm and soothe you so you can fall asleep faster and get more quality sleep.

Read Instead of Using Electronics Before Bed

Use of any electronic devices before you go to bed can have really bad effects on your sleep quality. Any electronics including video games, TV and your cell phone all emit blue light that is known to decrease melatonin levels, making it harder for you to fall asleep. In addition to the bad blue light, interacting with electronic devise also means your brain is active and not calming down. If you do decide to use electronics late at night, use glasses that block blue light or get a screen filter that filters out blue light. Instead of using electronics before bed, try reading from a book to help you relax.

Start Writing at Night Time 

Another good thing to do before bed is write. If your mind races fast at night time, you probably feel anxious and worried and can’t fall asleep. Writing or journaling every night can reduce these feelings, calm you and improve your sleep. You can write about anything good that happened during that day or that you are looking forward to or just about how you’re feeling at that time. This can help relax you so that you can fall asleep easier and faster.   

Not being able to fall asleep quickly is infuriating. It ruins your quality of sleep, leaves you feeling exhausted the next day and is detrimental to your mental and physical health. By using one or all of the remedies listed above, you can fall asleep faster and get a full night of quality sleep so you wake up ready to conquer the day ahead of you.