5 Ways to Win a Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit

Having to file a suit for something that was never your fault in the first place? Here’s all you need to know about winning that suit.

Pedestrian accidents are some of the worst out there. The injuries you sustain being hit by a vehicle are far worse than those sustained by those that have the vehicle surrounding them to protect them. As such, you are commonly never at fault for a collision. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rules.

If you are one of the 137,000 people the CDC estimates to have been involved in an accident as a pedestrian in the last year, then follow our advice for lawsuit success.

The Five Ways to Win at Pedestrian Accident Lawsuits

If you want to win your claim and get back those expenses, here at the five things you should keep in mind.

1 – Hire the Best Lawyer you can Find

If you want to win any kind of legal battle, then you really shouldn’t skimp on the legal fees. Getting a good lawyer to represent you is akin to having a warrior in your corner. Let them fight the battle while you go about the process of recovering. If you live in the area, we know an excellent Portland pedestrian injury lawyer that can help you.

2 – Document the Scene

Do everything you can to make sure the accident is documented. Pull your phone out and take some pictures, scour the accident scene for evidence (if it is safe to do so) and note any skid marks on the road that might hint to what happened. Sometimes, you don’t know what hit you, and that’s OK too. This is why we hire good lawyers to represent us when we are incapacitated.

3 – Call the Police

Having a written note of the pedestrian accident and your role in it is the best way to have a legal record of what happened. Give your report to police as soon as possible and don’t leave the scene until they have taken your account. If nobody has heard your side of the story, it is less likely that your lawsuit after the accident will be successful.

4 – Track down Witnesses

If you can, try and find any witnesses to your accident and get their contact details. You might think that the police would do this on your behalf, but this isn’t always the case. Track down witnesses either at the time of the accident, or later on when you have recovered. This is something else you can ask your lawyer to do on your behalf.

5 – Go to the ER

To have a successful pedestrian accident lawsuit, you need as many records as possible. To get another report of what you have gone through, a visit to the ER can help you out. As well as reporting the accident, you get a record of the exact injuries you received as a result. This works to get your medical expenses back in the long run.