5 Ways to Use Your Intranet Employee Portal to Inspire Employee Engagement

An organisation must pursue and succeed in enabling a good emotional connection between their employees and the company to constantly and consistently achieve success. Many pieces of research show that a satisfied employee can deliver a hundred per cent productivity. If you are looking for ways to inspire employee engagement, Using your employee portal is the key to achieving this massive feat.

Some of the key values that drive employee productivity, loyalty heavily depend upon employee engagement. In order to set up your ideal work environment, you will need to make use of the best intranet platforms.

Here is how you can use the employee portal to inspire employee engagement:

  • Employee portal assigns them more control

If you go with some of the best intranet platforms, note that they are designed and developed to keep it user-friendly and easier to manoeuvre. This act facilitates giving the employee complete control over the resources available, time management, tools to be used at their discretion, And much more. Giving games a voice more control over the work-life can give you the best results and inspire employees to achieve the company’s goals.

  • Employee portal gives remote access to tools and resources.

In order to stay competitive in the industry, working at the desk in the office is not enough. To keep up with the business trends and the changes that they bring about, it is important that employees make instant decisions and are able to perform vital tasks just about anywhere. Using the best corporate intranet platform can enable this for employees on the go and those working remotely. Advise them the access to the available tools and resources to put forward their best selves during their personal productive period. 

  • Employee portal inspires delivering performance feedback.

It is imperative that an employee requires a personal performance assessment system in place to analyse both the company and the employees’ performance. This helps gauge their productivity and ascertain if there needs to be a change made in how one works. Doing so will help boost productivity and enable employees to take the right checkboxes to put in the right effort in a category.

  • Employee portals inspire and enable online learning.

With the changing trends in the industry, employees require training facilities to ensure that they are able to deliver work according to the new industry standards. With the help of employee portals on the Intranet system, employees can improve their skills with time. This can inspire employees to keep learning using these online learning tactics. 

  • Employee portals inspire employees by reading valuable stories.

The perfect way to help employees mingle and bind together within an organisation is to let employees share their experiences with each other, clients, and employers on the employee portal. They are able to share milestones achieved, cultural programs, learnings and appreciate one another using the platform. Doing so not only keeps employees focused on engagement but gives them a positive aspect to keep working. In addition, they will ever be inspired by the valuable stories shared on the platform.