5 Ways to Treat Bloating and Stomach Problems

Stomach problems and bloating are usually caused by inflammation. This can occur when you eat too much or eat the wrong thing. Some illnesses can also cause stomach bloating and pain. Below are some natural home remedies most any adult can use to treat minor stomach issues.

Anti-Bloating Supplements

One quick way to treat bloating or stomach pains is to use supplements that are specifically designed to treat these issues. Many of these supplements are made up of a combination of natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals. Take these supplements as directed on the bottle.

Make sure you talk to your doctor before taking any supplements, especially if you are taking other medications. If the supplements are made of all-natural ingredients, it should be fine for most adults to take. It is also a good idea to check thrive reviews before buying supplements. This way you can find out if the supplements are worth using or not. Keep in mind that some supplements will work better for some than for others.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Taking apple cider vinegar in its natural state or in supplement form can help to tame stomach bloating and gas. To use this home remedy in its natural form, mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar per one cup of another liquid. Apple cider vinegar can be mixed with water, juice, or tea. However, do not try to mix it with milk or dairy products, as this will taste disgusting. 

If you are using apple cider vinegar in its supplement form, make sure to take the supplements as directed on the bottle. Using apple cider vinegar in either form will make it easier to pass gas. Doing this will naturally reduce bloating and can sometimes reduce stomach pain as well.


Garlic has natural anti-inflammatory properties. This means that it can naturally tame bloating and stomach pain caused by inflammation. Sometimes eating the wrong foods or eating too much can cause stomach inflammation. Luckily, it is easy to use this home remedy. You can either add garlic into your food or take garlic supplements. 

When adding garlic into your food, you can either use fresh, dried, or powdered garlic. The garlic can also be either raw or cooked. Add these into any meals that you like. Typically, garlic tastes best in savory meals. Putting it in soups will have a great effect on relieving stomach pain.


Ginger also has anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used in the same ways as garlic (as supplements or raw, fresh, powdered, or dried). When adding ginger to your diet, it tastes best in sweet food; although, it can be used in some savory foods (like Asian cuisine) as well. 

Ginger also has an added use that ginger does not. Ginger root can be steeped in hot water and drunk as a tea. You can also buy ginger tea that is pre-made. When making your own ginger tea out of dried ginger, mix a tablespoon of dried ginger per every cup of water. Drink this up to three times a day. If you need it to be sweeter, try adding honey to the tea.


Eating foods that are high in fiber can help to pass bowel movements. Sometimes constipation can lead to stomach bloating and cramping. Eating fiber-rich foods on a regular basis can also help to prevent stomach pain and bloating. Some foods that are high in fiber include whole grains, most fruits and berries, avocados, and beans. Try to incorporate one or more of these foods into your diet every day to take in more fiber naturally. If you cannot take in more fiber through your diet, you can also take fiber supplements.

If you want to treat your stomach pains without medicine, then home remedies are perfect for you. Remember to ask your doctor before using supplements and always be careful when changing your diet. Try to include more fiber and anti-inflammatory spices into your diet to feel better soon.