5 Ways To Thank Your Construction Team

If you have ever endured a home renovation, you know the massive amount of hard work, dedication, and hours of labor that construction employees devote to each of their projects. They often arrive before the sun rises and wrap up long after it sets. Construction teams sacrifice time with their friends and family to perform work for yours. If you’re experiencing a home remodel, remember to show the construction team your appreciation and gratitude. Read on for ideas and actions that will make your employees feel recognized throughout your home project.

1. Give Them Food

Hard work and grueling, hot days make for exceedingly hungry construction workers! As such, an excellent way to show your thanks is through your teams’ stomachs. 

Options abound where feeding frenzies are concerned. Evening pizza parties are a classic token of appreciation, and you can never go wrong with hot coffee and fresh donuts for the morning crew. For lunch, consider having long submarine sandwiches delivered and cut them into several portions. This easy-to-eat, satisfying lunch will keep all employees happy and satiated. Don’t forget to fortify them with some red superfood powder and keep them energized throughout the afternoon. 

If you’re hosting a construction team around the holidays, a fun idea would be to provide a festive cookie bar or hot cups of soup or stew. It’s truly the thought that counts; however, adding an element of surprise and diversity is always a fun and exciting way to say thanks. 

2. Elevate Their Mornings 

Construction starts early; employees are typically discharged long before daybreak. Coffee and donuts are a wonderful treat, but most would agree the combo is not a healthy or sustainable meal to consume daily. 

Consider passing out an occasional gift card to a local diner or coffee shop. Alternatively, prep some breakfast burritos with bacon and scrambled eggs and assemble them at a workstation. Giving your construction team something to look forward to in the mornings, and hopefully, those early hours will seem like less of a drag. 

3. Host a Happy Hour

What sounds better after a long day of work than a cold beer or frosty beverage? Whether your construction team prefers alcoholic drinks or not, happy hour is an excellent time to take a load off and appreciate a hard day’s work.

Fill a table with a variety of festive cocktail hour choices like beers, wine, and sodas. Consider adding a celebratory signature mocktail to show your appreciation and help your crew relax. Add some bar snacks like mixed nuts and pretzels, and voila! Happy hour is served!

4. Organize a Team-Building Event 

The best way to build a rapport with your construction team is to accumulate some shared experiences. Scheduling a group activity or team-building event is a fun way to turn your construction team from acquaintances to friends. 

Schedule a time to engage in a group kickball or soccer game. Book an escape room, and put your heads together to solve the puzzle. Head to the go-kart race track, separate into teams, and compete for the winning title! 

Team-building events don’t have to be elaborate to generate relationships. The simplest of group activities can create a sense of trust and loyalty between you and your construction crew. 

5. Send Them Home 

Construction workers are used to missing dinner with their families, settling on late plates of leftovers saved in the fridge. One of the best ways to show appreciation for all their hard work is to send them home early, in time for dinner. 

Consider shortening one or two workdays a week, and send your team home before sundown. This break allows them more time with friends and family and encourages a fresh outlook on the next day’s work. Actively attempting to avoid burnout among your construction team is a perfect way to show your gratitude for their hard work.

Construction workers are used to working long, hard hours. Demonstrate your appreciation for their dedication by regularly offering small acts of kindness. Every token of appreciation goes a long way in building a solid working relationship and friendship.