5 ways to stay motivated when you work from home

With the current testing times amid the Coronavirus outbreak, many of us may have the privilege of working from home. This is so we can lower the curve of the virus as many look to stop the outbreak from spreading further.


Working from home can come with many benefits – it saves the commutes in the morning, extra time in bed and more convenience to your general working day. At the same time, employers tend to be resistant from allowing their employees working remotely. This is because there can also be many drawbacks from employees working from home. Many argue that you can lack motivation working from home and it comes with many distractions.


However, considering the circumstances we’re in, it’s time for many employees to get used to their work from home situation. Fortunately, there are many strategies and tips that can help you to be productive in your working hours.


Start the day off the right way

Knowing that you don’t have to do your regular commute in the morning can make the temptation of staying in bed all the more appealing. However, starting your day off properly can make you far more productive for the rest of the day.


We’re not saying you can’t have a little lie-in to make the most of that extra hour or so in bed. Just ensure you leave yourself enough time to wake up, shower, get ready and have your breakfast. The routine will automatically put your mind in the schedule that you’re still at work.


Have a dedicated workspace

Now you’ve been able to get yourself out of bed, the next step is finding your dedicated workspace. Many have the privilege of having an office room in their house, which makes it an easy decision to make. However, for those who are just getting used to working from home, it can be a pickle.


The sofa in your living room could be one option or even the dining room table which tends to be a common option. However, you want to find a space that has limited distractions and allows you to be comfortable. It’s always beneficial to work outside too when you get the right weather that comes through. Sitting on that modern garden furniture that you recently bought can allow you to get the ideal vitamin D that you’ve been missing out on sitting inside. 


Stick to a schedule

To save you losing out on time trying to figure out what you have to do for the day or losing track of what you need to do, create yourself a schedule to stick to. If you don’t already, create yourself a timetable that segregates the work you need to do for each project.


Dedicate periods of the day to particular tasks that you need to perform so you’re aware of what you need to do before you actually start. At the same time, it’ll also make managing breaks far easier, increasing your productivity in the process and ensuring that you mind and body gets the rest that it needs


Keep distractions to a minimum

An issue that can arise for most remote workers is the ability to stay away from distractions. Whether it’s having on the TV in the background or family members chatting whilst you’re trying to work, sometimes your attention span can drift from time to time. Where possible, try to keep distractions away so you can focus your attention on what’s important. 


Some top tips can include keeping your personal phone away from your workspace and working in a room without electronic devices. A large distraction for many remote workers are the electronic devices found around the house. Where you can, try to keep them away.


Try not to overwork

When you’re in work mode at home, it can be easy to get too involved with the workflow that you’re in. You can lose track of time and get into full speed with your work without realising. This can cause burn out and decrease your productivity in the long run.


Considering this, once you’ve committed to your workspace, set out your goals and discovered your morning routine, make sure you remember what time you finish and stick to it. The same way taking work home with you, getting carried away with your work and letting it eat up your personal time can be bad for productivity. Once you’re finished, close everything down and avoid returning to your workspace again.