5 Ways to Soothe Your Crying Baby

Every parent has experienced the late nights of utter heartbreak and frustration when they’re running on an hour’s sleep but their baby’s cries just won’t seem to stop. As a new parent, putting your baby to sleep must be quite the daunting task and if you feel like there’s a piece to the puzzle that you’re missing, here’s how you can go about soothing them.


Out of all the possibilities, the chances of your child crying due to hunger are incredibly high. If you’re worried about overfeeding the baby, remember that their stomachs are rather small. This means that even though they may feed often, they’ll get full fast but need another feed before long. If breastfeeding, your baby will let you know when she’s done by latching off the nipple in her own time. If you’re bottle feeding however, you’ll have to wait two hours UNLESS she didn’t finish her earlier feed properly.

Calm Your Baby’s Senses

If your baby is suffering from a condition known as colic, he’ll display signs of persistent, uncontrollable crying. His face will get flushed, his fists will be clenched and he might arch his back or draw up his knees. Colic is a condition that reaches its peak at around 2 months but phases out by 3-4 months so during this time you can try to appease your baby by calming his senses. For example, lay him on his back in a dark room on a breathable cot mattress, snuggle him in a blanket, rub his back or place a warm water bottle on his stomach to soothe the pain.


breathable cot mattress
Image Source: Unsplash


Your baby depends on you for plenty of warmth and security so if he starts crying, chances are he just wants to feel close to you. You can sway with him while humming to comfort him or make use of a sling/carrier instead if you want to free up your arms. This will allow the little one to be close enough to listen to your heartbeat so it does the trick just fine.


The baby would be rather irritated if he gets too tired as well. This could be due to minute details that normally wouldn’t raise any alarm bells out of us. For example, too much noise or swaying can be a stimulatory overload, as can having too many cooing visitors over in a day. You’ll have to take the baby to a dark, quiet room to help calm those nerves. The signs of a sleepy baby include- staring blankly, crying for the smallest things, being still etc.

The Right Temperature

He could also be feeling either too hot/cold. This is why, as a general rule, you need to make sure that your baby has just one more layer of clothing than you to feel comfortable. Make use of cotton sheets and cellular blankets as well if it gets cold enough.

Chances are you won’t find a lone solution to this problem and you’re going to have to make use of all of the above in a way that works best for your baby!