5 Ways to Repurpose Your Dried Wedding Bouquet

It’s the end of the wedding and you can’t throw your bouquet because you won’t see your bridesmaids or family again for another year. You want to keep this piece of your special day forever so what do you do? Well, you can repurpose it! For example, here are 5 ways to repurpose your dried wedding bouquet and make them last forever.

1) Frame it

Dried wedding bouquets are a beautiful way to remember your big day. But what do you do with them after the wedding is over? Here are five ideas for repurposing your dried wedding bouquet:

1. Send flowers to someone who could use a pick-me-up. Simple flower delivery can brighten someone’s day and let them know you’re thinking of them.

2. Press the flowers and frame them.

2) Turn it into a lamp

A dried wedding bouquet can make a beautiful and unique lamp. To repurpose your bouquet, start by removing the flowers and leaves from the stems. Then, cut the stems to the desired length and glue them to the inside of a lampshade. Finally, add a light bulb and enjoy your new lamp! Flower delivery Kuala Lumpur are perfect for this project because they’re already dry, which saves you time when it comes to finishing up your project. If you want to take it one step further, you can also embellish the lamp with ribbon or flowers.

3) Use it as an ornament

A dried wedding bouquet makes a beautiful and unique ornament. To make one, simply take your bouquet apart and arrange the flowers on a wire frame. You can then hang it on your Christmas tree or in a window. If you want to keep it forever as a memory of your special day, but the flower delivery kuala lumpur in an old jar or glass vase with water. They will last for months this way.

Omit flower delivery kuala lumpur from sentence: Then again, if you are looking for some new arrangements for your home or office, these flowers are also perfect to decorate any empty space and give your space that fresh floral feel!

4) Make flowers for home decor

Take your dried wedding bouquet and repurpose it into home decor. You can make a wreath for your front door, a centerpiece for your coffee table, or even frame the flowers. This is a great way to keep your wedding bouquet around for years to come. Plus, it’ll save you money on flower delivery pj fees! We’ve put together an easy DIY guide that will show you how to take care of your wedding bouquet with ease.

5) Use it in your wedding video or album.

A dried wedding bouquet can be a beautiful and sentimental addition to your wedding video or album. Plus, it’s a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding day memories. Here are five ideas for how you can repurpose your dried wedding bouquet.

 1) Use it as decoration in the corner of your living room.

2) Make a flower crown with some fresh flowers from the garden and wear it on Memorial Day (or any other patriotic occasion).

3) Put them in your office as an inspiring decoration.

4) Create dried flower potpourri by filling a decorative bowl with smaller bowls full of sand and then placing small bundles of flowers into each one.


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