5 Ways To Remember Your Mom On Her Birthday

Celebrating your mom’s birthday after she has passed is hard. During the first few years, it can be difficult to bring yourself even to light a birthday candle in her honor, let alone celebrate her name. This is normal and very understandable. In fact, for some, it will be completely impossible to do anything but grieve on their mother’s birthday after they have passed.

The way you keep your mom’s memory alive on her birthday is up to you and your family. However, for those who want to celebrate their mom’s life and memories on her birthday after her passing, here are a few suggestions you can try:

1. Continue Birthday Traditions

Whether it’s a silly tradition such as getting ice cream cake for her birthday or something that your family has practiced for decades, such as taking a trip to the lake together on her birthday, these birthday traditions should continue after your mom has passed. It can be hard to do this during the first year or two, but you should know that your mom would want you to have fun and honor her memory by keeping up birthday traditions long after she’s gone.

2. Keep A Few Keepsakes

A personalized keepsake box is one of the most popular memorial gifts for loss of mother. You can get one for each of your siblings so you can all keep small trinkets and remembrances that remind each of you of your mom. Every year, during her birthday you can gather as a family, bring out these special items, and share your favorite memories and stories.

There is nothing that makes a mother happier than seeing all her children spending time with each other in her memory.

3. Celebrate With Friends And Family

If you and your family are up for it, throw a birthday party for your mom. This can be difficult and not everyone may be ready for a full celebration, so it can also be a somber gathering. Just get her friends and your family together and have a small but thoughtful party that you know your mom will approve of, even in the afterlife.

4. Light A Candle In Her Memory

A candle is a simple but one of the best memorial gifts for loss of mother. You and your siblings can each have one for your mom’s memory in your home and light the candles together on her birthday to remember your mother. This is a very thoughtful gesture, especially if you and your siblings live in different states or countries.

5. Write Her A Letter

When grief is still new and raw, celebrating your mother’s birthday is usually out of the question. Instead of having a party, you can put all your memories, thoughts, pain, and heartache in a letter for your mom. This is a great way to process grief, as it encourages healing and acceptance of loss. You can then tuck the letter away in a keepsake box and look back on what you wrote years into your healing journey.


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