5 Ways To Market Yourself Or Your Brand On TikTok

As a marketing tool, TikTok has a huge amount of potential. You’re going to be reaching a huge number of people given TikTok’s exponential growth and huge audience base. What’s more, although you may think that Gen Z is the only demographic that extensively uses TikTok, you’d be wrong; it’s actually used by a huge range of people, and although Gen Z remains the most populous TikTok demographic, it’s not the only one by far.

With that in mind, then, you may be asking the following: how can I market myself or my business on TikTok? The good news is that it’s easy to do so, and there’s a lot of different ways to build a campaign. Marketing yourself on TikTok requires a different approach to the way you would do so on Facebook or Instagram; the TikTok audience has a unique set of values that it will reinforce when it’s looking at your campaign, so you need to be specific in your methods. If you do it right, you can net yourself some free TikTok followers and likes from SocialFollowersFree  with very little effort. Here are 5 ways to market yourself or your brand on TikTok.

1. Set up a brand account and create good content

This one might seem obvious to you, but you’d be amazed how many businesses and brands skip this step in favour of more roundabout or elaborate methods. First, create yourself a TikTok brand account. Make sure the profile you’re creating reflects your brand identity and values in a quick, easy-to-understand way. Once you’ve done this, just start creating videos – it really is that simple!

Bear in mind that making good TikTok marketing videos requires tapping into what makes TikTok special in the first place. It won’t be enough just to make ads and hope the followers and likes flow in, because audiences are often skeptical of overtly commercial TikTok content. That’s why you need to keep your content informative and educational as well as creating ad-style videos if you can.

2. Create a TikTok ad campaign

TikTok has a built-in advertising tool just like Facebook, Instagram, or other social media networks do. There’s an entire “TikTok For Business” service that is designed to help you tap into the demographics on the app and advertise your product or service. This option doesn’t come cheap; it’s often at least $500 to begin a small-scale ad campaign, and larger ones can run up to around $150,000, so don’t take this option unless you know you can cover it financially.

If you do decide to create a TikTok ad campaign, there are several options available to you. For example, you could bid on ad slots, which tends to be the option favoured by smaller operations. Brand takeovers allow businesses to display an ad when users open TikTok, and you can also create branded filters or lenses for users to use when they’re making TikTok videos.

3. Try to start a viral challenge

In many ways, this is one of the hardest methods for marketing your brand or business. Getting a challenge to go viral is incredibly difficult; many have tried and failed, and even larger businesses sometimes make mistakes in this regard. Still, if you think you have a bulletproof idea, you could try to make some content with a new hashtag that others can use to make their own videos.

You need to make sure that people know it was your brand that started this challenge if you take this option. The reason for this is that many might take up the challenge without realising your brand is involved, thus negating any potential marketing benefit you might see. Include your brand name in the hashtag – try something like “#(brand name here)challenge” for the best results.

4. Use influencer marketing

TikTok influencers are fertile ground for marketers and brands. By contacting influencers who resonate with your core brand values, you can not only advertise your brand or business, but you can do it in a way that feels more organic and natural than creating advertising content yourself. Influencer marketing is the principal way brands reach out to audiences on social media, and there’s a reason for that.

Of course, you need to approach influencer marketing with the same care and attention that you would use for any other type of TikTok marketing strategy. This means only talking to influencers who you know have a good reputation and who will further your brand identity. If an influencer falls from grace, partnering with them could mean that your brand suffers as well, so be very cautious.

5. Look closely at your TikTok analytics

Everyone can access TikTok analytic stats; it’s free and won’t take much time at all. To do so, just head into your profile, then tap “manage account”. From there, you should see “Switch to Pro Account” as an option. Enable this, and you’ll now be looking at a Pro TikTok account, which lets you see analytical graphs showing you how your content is performing in terms of certain metrics.

While this isn’t necessarily a method for marketing your business or brand in and of itself, you should still be using your TikTok analytics to make brand decisions. Don’t just rely on your gut; most times, data outperforms gut feeling, so making sure you’re looking at the data is imperative for building a marketing campaign. Pair this with any of the above approaches for the best results.