5 Ways to Make Money with Hotshot

Hotshot services deliver assistance by offering you the highest rates per mile by implying exigency. They book the orders on your behalf and immediately shift work to you without any disturbance. They are just like the chefs that make delicious food for you and serve to enjoy. The hotshot dispatch service from https://resolute-logistics.com/hotshot is best for you if you want your business to progress. It coordinates all the back-office functions and gives you the most suitable order without searching where the load is.

If you are interested and looking for more details, read this article till the last word to know the best possible ways to make money with hotshot!

#1. Stay Loaded in Maximum Time

It is a trick to make money with hotshot services that stay at your work all the time by running your truck with loads. Don’t set your truck on the sidelines; it will let your status down. Always stay active and try to search for the best shipment for you to get much charges and rates. This is the best option for getting the most suitable cargo by just touching the joining point of hotshot services. 

#2. Try Light Loads with Good Money

The size of loads is not linked much with the amount you get. So dispatch the light loads that will give you good charges. Not just go for light loads, for those that pay well. Just calculate the payment per mile and then for the total miles of distance; if it pays well, go for that travel. 

#3. Don’t be Shy of Oversized Loads

Don’t avoid hauling the oversized loads when you are at your work. There are industrial and military loads that are heavyweight, don’t be shy while loading or dispatching them. You can get even more dollars from them, so look at your payment, not the size of the load, if you have a warm bond with your profession. If you get military loads, don’t skip them because the army loads are dispatched regularly.  

#4. Stay Well-Organized All the Time

You can just beat the clock when you are a good organizer in your work. Follow the steps one by one to ensure the proper organization at your work. Roll up all your chains, straps, and traps after unloading the delivery at the receiver’s door. Make it your habit if you want to earn well with hotshot service. 

 #5. Be Quick and Punctual in Your Service

This is a time-sensitive service, so quickly decide and get the load to dispatch. This is a big advantage for you to earn more by dispatching fast. Be on time because a single hour can make a prominent difference between getting another plenty of dollars. 


No doubt, every person is worried about running their business and mainly progressing it. You are also one of them, and your searching is the evidence of this statement. Hopefully, now you will be more clear in your views. Different hotshot services are there that are working for you, paying orders on your behalf, and booking the load orders most suitable with high rates for you. You just need to follow the above-mentioned ways to earn well with a hotshot. If you are looking for the best hotshot dispatch service, contact Resolute Logistics!