5 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

We all have different communication skills, but they can be improved at any time if you want to. You will learn how to pump your communication skills and become an interlocutor everyone wants to have from this article.

Why do some people know how, without any problems, in a matter of minutes to find a common language and gain the trust of strangers, while others are unable to agree even with their relatives? The answer to this question is one: these people have different communication skills. One of the most effective and at the same time simple ways to improve your communication skills can be expressed with just one phrase – be a good listener.

The ability to listen is not the same as keeping your mouth shut so that your interlocutor has a chance to produce a giant monologue. Real listening is very different from it – you must carefully and interestedly pay attention to another person’s words. This will not only help you make contact, but it is also a great way to show respect for the person you are talking to. When people feel this attitude towards them, it immediately changes the atmosphere of your relationship. Just remember how great you felt when someone was listening intently to you while you enthusiastically talked about an important event for you. All people want to be heard, so, giving them this opportunity, you will immediately make many friends. Do not pretend, because people detect this kind of fake listening very well. Follow their story, ask clarifying questions and do not forget to respond to some key points. Sometimes this is not very simple, especially if your interlocutor does not shine with oratory, but everyone will value it very much.

In addition to listening, a few other tips can help you improve your communication skills.

1. Never interrupt

Interruption indicates a lack of respect from the person who listens to some story. Acting in this way, you explicitly signal to him/her: “I don’t care what you say, I have to say much more important things” and this sign can ruin the trust between two people in a matter of one or two conversations. If you want to say something, try to keep this idea in your mind until the person you talk to ends his speech and there will be a suitable pause to express your emotions or thoughts.

2. Never end someone else’s sentence

Human thought is far ahead of the speech, and sometimes you just want to help your interlocutor express thought and you think you know the most suitable ending. Doing this, you will not help, but will show your doubts about the mental and oratory abilities of a person and will cause only a feeling of annoyance in response. Better bite your tongue at such moments!

3. Paraphrase

If you want to show that you have understood someone, then simply repeat the key idea of ​​the interlocutor. Before agreeing or protesting, simply record your understanding of what you hear, because half of the misunderstandings in the world are due to the fact that people think one thing, say another, and listeners understand the third. You can practice this tip even online, for example in a nearby chat application – NEEO Messenger. The main advantage of it is that you can find a stranger, who lives near you, chat with him and then meet in real life if you both want to.

4. Listen actively and politely

As noted above, your activity as a listener is of particular importance. Show your interest in the story, give feedback to the storyteller, and the gratitude of the interlocutor will not take long.

5. Maintain eye contact

Try not to look away at other things and focus on the speaker, because looking into another person’s eyes, you will tell him that you are interested in his story. Stop all your activities and try not to be distracted from the stories you are being told at the moment.