5 Ways to Get the Best SEO Company in Australia

If you have a marketing budget that you desperately want to know how to get the best out of, try searching for the best SEO company in Australia. 

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You can do plenty of searches to find the right fit for you. This is usually done by entering various keyword-related searches and looking at the companies that continually pop up on the first page of Google; it makes sense, right? 

With internet usage at an all-time high, you will need out-of-the-box ideas to help any SEO strategy for this year and 2023. A Best SEO company will give you the well-needed assistance and expertise to steer you through this highly competitive Australian market. 

New innovative sales funnels and marketing campaigns, new blogs, and social media interaction can all go into making one streamlined and powerful organic SEO surge. Time to get ahead of the pack!

5 Ways of Finding the Best SEO Company in Australia

1. Targets, Timeframes and Outcomes

Ask yourself questions before you approach an SEO agency.

  • What do I want my investment to achieve?
  • Do I need more traffic?
  • Or do I need to convert more of what I already have?
  • Do I need to be on page one of Google to generate more sales?
  • How much can I afford per month?
  • How long can I wait to see the results?

Ask yourself these questions, and any more you can think of, write them down with clear goals and timeframes of where you want to be in three months, six months and one year. 

2. Finding the Right Services

A typical SEO agency in Australia will offer many aspects that can assist your online presence and results. 

Remember, not all SEO companies in Australia are the same. Some are more specialised for larger companies in specific sectors or industries, and others for smaller start-ups with a niche.  

So looking at what they offer and case studies will give you a good idea if they are what you are looking for. It is a case of crossing companies off until you have an ideal shortlist of five. 

3. Tailored Services 

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Any self-respecting SEO specialist will tell you, ‘No two businesses or SEO campaigns are the same’. 

Each industry and sector vary from business to business. 

Gone are the days when any SEO company should offer you an off-the-shelf solution just because they have had previous experience in your sector.  

An SEO company should ask you many questions about your business when you first approach them, especially during consultation.  

TIP: When you have a consultation, anything around the 20-minute mark is a bad sign. A company that offers bespoke and tailored SEO packages will want to know everything. 

A prime example of what the Best SEO company in Australia would do is look to work with you on content curation.  

Google wants engaging, up-to-date and accurate content that is useful to its users.  

So, this is something you should work on together. If a company ignores this and wants to use generic industry content, that is a bad sign.  

4. Experience and Expertise

They go hand in hand.

The world of SEO has not been around for generations like the motor industry, cosmetics or fashion, but you still want to go for a company that has years under its belt.  

Asking simple questions such as:

  • How long have you been working in my local market?
  • Have you worked in my industry?
  • Do you have case studies and referrals?

If a company doesn’t hesitate to show you previous work, then you are lightly on the right track. 

5. A Good Track Record 

We have already mentioned case studies and any referrals, but testimonials and online reviews are another excellent way of deciphering if the company is as good as its website states.

As you will have noticed, in the last decade, people have become reliant on websites such as TripAdvisor for reviews on airlines, hotels and restaurants to unique places to see.

These reviews are interesting. If a company has between 50-100 reviews, it has been doing some business for a while.  

Once you have several reviews, you can take the median from that. Remember, you will always get someone who was having a bad day to give someone a 1-star review. But if there are 54 5-star reviews, it is easy to see they are a decent company.  

Type in a company’s name on the search engine and go past their website, and you’ll find reviews on places like Yelp, amongst others. 

Plus, try to look past the stars people have given to a company and thoroughly read the reviews themselves, and if the company has responded to the review, this gives you a real insight into what they are good at and possibly not!


Australia is a fiercely contested online market post-pandemic. It’s not for the fainthearted, especially if you are a novice with SEO and website optimisation. Look for an SEO company in your local area, as local SEO is essential. They know your market better than anyone else. Good luck!